Where Have I been? + How to Make Your Run Feel Amazing After Taking Time Off:

Hello friends!

As I posted on my Instagram last week, I’ve been very sick and that basically meant having to take time off from running and blogging. I had a very bad cold and one emergency visit to the dentist to find out I needed a root canal. I also got my root canal done later in the week. So yeah, last week was tough.

With all of the pain and discomfort I went trough, I honestly couldn’t even think about blogging or creating new content. Thank God I’m feeling way better now, and I’m missing running more than ever. My last few runs before being officially sick were tough. Maybe because I was about to get sick. Now I feel like my comeback is going to feel good, because it’s always like that.

This year I’ve been forced to take a time off from running (stomach issues, injury, end of my graduate program), which sucks a little bit. The positive side about it has been my comebacks. Whenever I go for my first run after one or two weeks of no running, it feel strong and freshly motivated. So, I’m looking forward to come back this time around:)

I do have my “ritual” for these types of runs to make them even more amazing.

Here are some tips on how to make your run feel amazing, after being off for a while:

– Create a Running Playlist: Music is my favorite source of motivation when I’m running. Some other people prefer audiobooks or podcast. If that’s your case, reserve some material that you are looking forward to hear for your run.

– Wear your favorite outfit: I seriously feel there are outfits that make me run faster than others. For example, running in shorts is way comfortable than running in leggings. Plus, coming back to running is something very special so make sure you dress for the occasion.

– Go to a special place: To me, a run in the trails is a thousand times better than a run in the treadmill. Treadmill runs are good if that’s the only option you have in order to get your run done. For this special occasion, go to a place that really motivates you. In my case, I get extremely motivated in the track, and extremely inspired in the trails.

– Postive attitude: Positive attitude is everything. Remember it’s been a while since the last time you ran, so take it easy. It is very likely that you will feel out of shape. So keep in mind that even one mile is better than nothing. Whenever you go on a run with no expectations, chances are that you end up having a positive surprise. Open yourself for the positive experience, and don’t set goals that might be unrealistic for you at the time.

– Finish it off with planks: I don’t know about you, but planks make me seriously stronger. Even though they feel incredibly hard sometimes, doing planks after my runs take my entire training session to a whole new level. They can also add that the extra endorphin touch that all runners need. Wether you love them or hate them, you won’t regret it.

Hope these tips are helpful if you are coming back from some time off from running. I’m certainly starting this ritual for my first run after being a week off. I’ll report back tomorrow;)

Have you had to take time off from running?

Any special routine you do when you’re coming back to running?

My Stage of Denial & Random Thoughts.

Hello friends!

Happy Global Running Day!

How are you doing today? I’m doing some research on how to be more energized in the mornings to go out for my runs. In the last few months I’ve come to realize that my evening runs feel WAY much better than my morning runs.  This is a picture of my 3-mile run from last night.

No matter how stressful my day was, I will always accomplish my distance/speed goal during evening trainings. Always. In the mornings though…I feel like it’s 4 times harder. I am in a complete stage of denial that this is how things are supposed to go for me. Training in the evenings is so inconvenient and I need to find a way to turn things around. Any advice?

In other random thoughts, Today I’m doing a caption per picture post. This is what happens when you have random photos on your phone that would like to share on your blog.

Last week I celebrated the National Donut Day by getting a free donut at Krispy Kreme. I’ve said many times that I wasn’t a huge fan of donuts, but after trying a fresh traditional glazed donut with chocolate frosting my life changed. No picture of my donut because I was too busy feeling in heaven while eating it.

I wish I could say we’re having amazing weather in Florida but unfortunately that’s not the case. As the start of the hurricane season (and my birthday month) started. We’re already seeing crazy weather down here

After hearing wonderful things about collagen supplements, I decided to get this one from Great Lakes. I’ve been trying it for a week with my coffee. Not sure if this made me feel a little sick to my stomach, but I’ll report back on this after giving it a few more tries.

These Sour Blueberry candy are incredibly good. They’re also made with super clean ingredients and love how easy they are to chew. Their watermelon flavor is also delicious. I could go trough a bag of these without even realize it.

This is how Sasha watches TV with my boyfriend. Sometimes it amazes me how dogs can behave like people.

How’s your week of running going do far? 



IT Cosmetics CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder SPF50+ Review

Ever since It Cosmetics launched their Your Skin but better CC cream with SPF 50, I wanted to give it a try. I love makeup as much as I love running, that is why I’m in the constant search for new beauty products that could please my preferences. However, I don’t like to buy more products than what I actually need. Therefore, when I buy something I need to be 100% I’m going to like it and use it until is completely finished.

After hearing amazing stuff about this CC+ cream, I was seriously considering to purchase it. But then in March, Ulta released their 21 Days of Beauty where the powder version of this product was going to be 50% off. That was a deal I could not pass. This face powder originally retails for $35 and that day I got it for $17.5.

The major benefit I noticed from this powder was that is basically like having three products in one =  SPF 50 + Foundation + Setting powder. Even if I was paying the full price for it, I think is worth it. Plus, is very convenient to apply in my rushy mornings. Just one step and my face would look like If I had applied foundation and set it with powder. Two steps in half of the time, not bad for me.

The coverage of this Airbrush Perfecting Powder could be light for everyday use, or could be built for a full coverage foundation. I myself would use this powder for every type of occasion. I have combination skin so this product suited me pretty well. The medium shade was also the perfect tone for my complexion. My face skin can get pretty sensitive sometimes and some foundations and SPFs can give me crazy breakouts. This wasn’t the case for this powder, which also contains collagen and anti-aging peptides.

The only downside to this product is the sponge that comes with it. It would apply the product too heavy in my face and it ended up looking cakey. I also tried to applied it with a Real Techniques Stippling Brush but wasn’t really pleased with the coverage. I finally used a thiner and porous sponge (that I had from another powder) and that worked perfectly for me.

I purchased this product on April 1st and have been using it every single day, multiple times a day and for multiple types of looks, for the last couple of months. I think it seriously worth the price. If you’re considering getting it, I would recommend having a beauty consultant at Ulta suggest which is the best tone for you. I would also suggest you to try another method of application, if you’re not pleased with the sponge either.

I hope this information has been helpful for some of you who are interested on getting a new foundation at a considerably affordable price.

Thanks for reading!