Birthday Recap!!!!

Hello friends!

Last Sunday I turned 26!

My boyfriend cooked dinner for me and our friends on Saturday. Once he scratched one of my favorite activities off of my birthday list (eating), we proceeded to do some other activities that I love doing as well: Playing pool and dancing.

Running could not be part of my birthday surprises because I’m the only runner among my friends. But hey, I still got to spend an incredible time.

On Sunday, which was my actual birthday, we went to my favorite mall and decided to eat at an Italian place for lunch. Going to Italian restaurants has become a tradition for me in the last few years, so why not.

I was craving a salad and decided to go for the salmon kind. I knew this is not the traditional Italian dish but it was what I was craving for at the moment. After waiting for 40 minutes, the salad came and I took this picture.

It took me only a bite to realize that the crunchy things on top were soggy and the grilled salmon was cold and flavorless. I was disappointed and decided to return my plate and order another one. Half an our later and I still haven’t had my new salad. At this point, I had been snacking on bread and wasn’t really hungry anymore.  I cancelled the order and decided to walk out of the restaurant without lunch whatsoever.

Luckily, boyfriend ate a burger that wasn’t that bad. So at least one of us wasn’t hungry anymore. I then prepared myself a delicious salad at home, and ate a Stabucks chocolate chip cookie (my favorite).

And that’s how I turned 26, by reminding myself to enjoy the good moments and not to care about small disappointments. Always being grateful for what we have, as small as we think it is.

Last post I was preparing myself for a major comeback to running after one week of dentists, antibiotics, and a very bad cold. Today I’m reporting back to to say it is incredibly hard to run right after having gone through an antibiotic treatment. As soon as I hit mile two, I felt like I was hitting the wall HARD.

I felt mentally disappointed. I even started wondering if I was loosing my running capacities. Thank God my Dad is also a runner who can answer my most running random questions if I have any. He attributed my fatigue to antibiotics. So I guess it’s a matter of patience, right?

What was the best part of your weekend?

Have you ever gone for a run right after taking antibiotics? How did it feel?