Getting My Life Back Together & Weekend Recap.

Hello friends! Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. 

Mine was pretty darn good. Even though my gastritis gave me a hard time last week, my recovery has been steady. I finally came back to running. Yay!

I’m also slowly coming back to my cups of coffee in the morning. These ones used to get my stomach pretty upset, which frustrated a whole lot because I can’t really start my day without a cup of coffee. I’ve never though I was going to feel grateful for being able to do drink coffee! Something that used to be extremely normal for me. Ironic huh? You never know what you have until you loose it.

It felt so good to be back at running that I preferred to hit the treadmill on a Friday night instead of going out. I’m telling you. Nothing like getting your life back together.

After 4.3 miles on Friday Night, I went for 6.25 miles on Saturday Morning. Lastly 3.2 miles on Sunday night. That’s what I call a good weekend.

After having a slow appetite during the week and then running the distance of a half marathon throughout the entire weekend I was pretty hungry all the time. For that reason, I completely forgot to take pictures of my food. Except for this one:

What you see in here is an arepa stuffed with scrambled eggs and a little bit of butter. If you don’t know what an arepa is, please check on this video. PS I’m 100% team Venezuela;)

I also spotted the prettiest tulips. Like… aren’t these the prettiest you’ve ever seen?

What were your highlights of this weekend?

How many miles did you ran?

Friday Favorites.

Hello friends!
First of all, thank you so much for your nice and positive comments on my health update post. Even though I’m not at my 100% normal stage, I’ve been feeling way better now and really hope it keeps going that way. My runs/workouts have been practically inexistent this week, but I’m SO ready to squeeze in some miles during the weekend.
Now, on to nice stuff… It’s Friday and that means today I’m sharing my favorites of the week!
1. Favorite Quote. I found it walking around Wynwood Walls last night. There are all kinds of quotes painted on the sidewalks. I loved this one in particular.

Always keep your heart filled with love for yourself and others. Suddenly, you’ll start to notice love everywhere around you.
2. Favorite Video. Did you know Running hasn’t always been considered a sport? Did you know treadmills were invented as systems for punishment in jails? I discovered this video that blew my mind and I think every runner should watch. Who would’ve though our beloved hobby was a considered a torture back in the day?

3. Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen. They were giving away free skincare consultations at my local Sephora the other day. I was recommended to wear this sunscreen, which I felt really skeptical about. I’m extremely picky with face sunscreens because my skin can get very oily (and sometimes breakout) by wearing them.

I got sample because I was not ready to commit without fist trying it out. Well, so far I’m loving it. It feels so light on my skin and my makeup last as usual. Besides it is very affordable for an SPF 50 that Sephora sells. This is always a plus to me.

4. Favorite Running song. 

This song from Ed Sheran is very good. I predict this will sound one million times a day on the radio to the point where I don’t like it anymore. But I will love it while it last.

5. NYX Lip Pencil in Mauve. 

This one is actually not a new favorite. It’s been months since I’ve been absolutely LOVING these NYX lip pencils because you can apply it all over your lips, and you’ll basically get a super pretty and affordable lipstick. My favorite shape is Mauve, and it looks like this in the picture. I’m about to purchase another one, that’s how much I love it.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that your long run (if any) goes amazingly!
What’s your current favorite running song?
Wear any face sunscreen for going out to run? Which one?

Hair Confessions From A Female Runner. 

Hair is always something that concerns women since they are little girls. My mom use to cut it too short when I was a kid. I used to HATE that so much that I ended up not cutting it ever when I grew up. My hair has been long for the last 10 years and I don’t think I will change that in the near future.  Not even because of the fact that now I run. This is my simple and convenient routine to keep my hair healthy and pretty, without skipping my runs.

I don’t die my hair and a I cut it myself twice a year.  My hair is naturally black, and won’t get greasy too easily, which facilitates my life a whole lot.

When I started running my hair suffered. In the past, I used to wash it every five days because that’s how far I can go without washing it (TMI, I know). But once I started running, that cycle had to be reduced to three days. The frequency of washes increased and I also needed to style it more often (because hair tights will leave a mark on your perfectly straightened hair). This only caused dryness and damage in my hair.

So I started doing Olive Oil masks. Whenever I get home from a run and it’s a “third-day hair”, I soak it in Olive Oil and put it in a high bun while I do my stretching. Twenty minutes later, I’ll wash it twice to remove the oil. The result is a much more soft and moisturized hair. I only do this once a month or when I have enough time.

I like to have my hair styled at all times. So I would normally blow dry it after it’s washed. I’ll apply a hit protector that I believe is pure placebo. And lastly I will flat iron it, because my clean hair won’t hold curls. I know the flat iron is not the best for my hair, but I’ve been doing it for years now and is the only thing that will really help me control my volume.

If I came back from running in the night and had to wash my hair, I’ll feel very lazy and won’t style it at all. I’ll literally go to bed with my hair still wet. Next morning when it’s all dried naturally, I’ll flat iron it and wear it like that for the next three days.

I do use different hairstyles for running depending on the day. First and second-day hairs are pretty simple. My hair is freshly clean and straightened. So I’ll do a low pony tail for running, which will help me keep my hair styled afterwards. When I finish, I’ll normally re-style it a little bit with the flat iron and dry shampoo if necessary.

Third-day hair is when I normally wash it. So for my run I’ll do a french braid because: 1. I love braids and It’s easier for my hair to hold on to a braid when it’s dirty. 2. It is comfortable to not have my hair jumping around my back. I’ll come home afterwards to repeat the process I’ve mentioned before.

This could be the least fancy hair care routine you’ve ever read, but is pretty real for sure. Female Athletes will normally cut their hair very short. However, this is might not be the rule for female runners.

It is not easy to maintain your long hair when you’re feminine but still want to run who-knows-how-many miles a week. So hey, you gotta find what works best for your hair and running routine.

What is your personal tip with Running and Hair? 

Sunday Run And Health Update.

Hello friends!

Hope this Monday has treated you well. I finished my Sunday with another 3.2 mils recovery run at 12:58 average pace. That was a really slow run! but I did it intentionally. I was really sore and wanted to get rid of all that acid lactic in my calves and hamstrings. Sometimes running slow can be painful and I realized about it yesterday. My soreness went away completely so I guess it really helped me.

Now I wanted to talk about another issue that got me frustrated. I don’t like to go around life complaining about everything that goes wrong with my health. Sometimes I know something is not right but try to ignore it with the hopes that eventually will go away and I’ll feel better. Sometimes it works but some other times it gets to a point where I have to do something.

I’ve been complaining about my gut for a little while now. If you read my Down2Earth 10K race recap, you’ll know that I started feeling sick to my stomach in the middle on the race which considerably reduced my pace. Also, if you read my Story of a Bad Run, you’ll know that I felt miserable that day because of the same reason. But those two cases are just a minimal portion on how bad I’ve been feeling these last couple of months.

In an effort to fix this problem, I decided to talk to my doctor (who happens to also be my uncle) and now I’m under medication, which hopefully will help me to feel better. I wish I could explain why is this happening but I seriously have no idea. I’ve heard that stress and emotions are 100% involved with these illnesses that our bodies manifest, so I guess I’ll have to check up on that as well.

The best thing my Uncle told me was “you’re exercising a lot so you have higher chances of healing faster”. I’m very (very) thankful for being a runner at this moment, because I can’t wait to be back at my normal stage.

Also, please excuse the fact that I’ve been complaining a lot over here. Sometimes talking about it is my way of staying positive over the adversities.

Thanks for reading!




My Running Fears And Friday Favorites.

Hello friends!

As I told you a few days ago, I’m following the Run Eat Repeat’s Run Camp in which every day we do/learn something different to become better runners. Today, we need to overcome our running fears. Running fears? Really? At the beginning I though I don’t have any fears, but thinking more about it I realize I do have a few.

One of them is pretty silly and the other one should not represent the end of the world. But anyways, I though I could talk about them here because I’m supposed to write them down and talk about them with someone.

My first running fear is to have an encounter with an alligator while I’m running. I know. I know. This sounds really random and very unlikely to happen. However, I live in Florida so it is common to see alligators crossing the street like nothing is going on. This happened just a few miles away from my school.

Once I heard this story about a runner who was attacked by an alligator when she was running around a lake. I totally freaked out after that. Conclusion for Floridian runners like me: Never run around water. In case you have an encounter, run in zig zag. Apparently, alligators are not able to run in zig zag. 

My second running fear is to get injured and therefore not being able to run for months. Have you ever had something you like so much that you get afraid of loosing it? Well, that is basically my case. If you read my post from yesterday you could understand how afraid I am of this.

Running is my dose of relaxation and happiness. It is also my time for nothing else but myself. I don’t know what I’ll do without it. Besides, I care about my body and I don’t want to hurt myself/get injured. Conclusion for hypochondriac runners like me: Injuries are common in runners and that is something we can’t control, so you gotta deal with it. However, something you can control are the chances of getting injured. Take care of your body, stretch, slow down when you feel like you need to, do whatever you have to do to prevent injuries.

Ok. That was really a catharsis. I think I’m doing a good job overcoming my running fears. Now I need to talk about nice stuff –> Here are my Friday Favorites of this week:

1. Power Crunch Bars. I’m not really into counting macros or analyzing every single ingredient in food labels. I don’t know if these are the “cleanest” out there. I eat them because they fill me up when I’m really hungry and is not time to eat yet. Plus they taste delicious which is not common in protein bars.

2. TJ’s Greek Yogurt in Coconut Cream flavor. I’ve tried all of their flavors. This is just the best.

3. A Runner friend recommended me to wear compression sleeves for recovery. I never though about it but it feels so good and relieving. Specially on my tight calf, which is not tight anymore but just sore.

Do you have any running fears?
Are you into protein bars? Which one is your favorite?
What do you think about compression gear? When do you consider it’s best to wear it? 
Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

When My Calf Is Upset With Me…

Yesterday was just one of those crappy days. I was so tired and didn’t want to exercise AT ALL. However, I recently joined a gym so I decided to force myself to go for the very first time. I immediately started feeling different as I walked in.

I looked up at the huge equipment selection, and of course decided to go to the treadmill instead because #RunningAddiction. I made a tempo run of 4.5 miles. God! that felt so good. Isn’t it amazing how exercise can change your mood and improve your perception of bad stuff in your life?

Anyways. I was cooling down at my last mile when I started feeling something in my calf. It was painfully tight. I decided to continue because: Hi my name is Nathaly and sometimes I have a hard time knowing my limitations.

I thought everything was going to feel normal afterwards but no. When I finished I really could feel my calf being really tight. I stretched and it felt good, but I still couldn’t walk normally.

Despite that, I stayed at the gym exercising my arms and core for another hour. I was feeling pretty enthusiastic with the new gym experience so I didn’t think too much about my calf.

When I walked out, I could feel it again. It was my calf complaining. An hypochondriac Nathaly though: Oh my God, am I injured? I don’t know about you but whenever I suffer from a non-familiar ache, I freak out and tend to think I’m injured.

Got home to take a warm shower, which made me feel better. I woke up the next morning to feel my calf tight again. I think she’s upset with me! (I don’t if its a she or a her, but I refer to her as a she)

I don’t think I would be able to run today. The good thing is that I don’t think I’m injured. It seems to me like is just muscle fatigue.

Any advice on what to for my calf to forgive me?

Sunday Run And New Running Goals!

Hey guys!

Hope your week had started pretty well. Last time I wrote here I was pretty disappointed on how bad my run turned out. Well, I decided to go for a second try yesterday and it was just amazing. As you see in the picture below, the wind was crazy.

The temperatures in South Florida are finally going down (yay!). Yesterday it was around 50 degrees, which I think is just the perfect temperature for running. I went out yesterday in shorts and people asked me “hey! aren’t you cold?”. People here in Miami are very sensitive to cold temperatures. 51 degrees and we already think is winter! However, my legs don’t get cold very easily.

 3.20 mile done. I could’ve had gone for more but I had some house chores I needed to get done before the start of the week.

In other news, I decided to participate in the Run Eat Repeat’s Run Camp because my only 2017 running resolution is to run faster and farther. This is a 21 day challenge to run Faster, Stronger and Better. Just exactly what I need.

Our task for today is to enlist my goals.

Last year I started to train for a half marathon, but because I was just starting with running that was an unrealistic goal to me. I still don’t know If I’m making realistic goals or not, but I decided this time that in the next 21 days I want to:

1. Run 8 miles again. It’s been a long time since I don’t pass the 6.25 miles.

2. Speed up my pace to one minute less per mile. That means, speed up from 11:50 to 10:50 per mile.

Number one will be more easy to attain than number 2. I see a lot of track workouts and tempo runs coming in my way!

Any running goals in the short-term? 
How was your running this weekend?

Friday Favorites.

Happy Friday everyone!

I really hope the first week of 2017 has treated you well. For me it has been a stressful week. It always seems like you have a lot to catch up after the holidays. But everything comes together just with the right attitude, right?

I really love reading Friday Favorites out there. Somehow, it is kind of fascinating to know about what people with the same interests that you is loving. Today I realized I have collected a few favorites throughout this past week. So why not to do a Friday Favorite Post in here?

This Old Navy dress is everything. So easy to put on, so cute, and so comfy. I got this dress a week ago and I’ve already worn it like three times. Yup, I’m like that when I fall in love with a piece of clothe.

I’m not a huge fan of sweet potatoes. I don’t know what was going on in my mind when I picked these up at Starbucks. I think I was craving something crunchy but didn’t want regular potato chips. Anyways. As soon as I tried the first chip, I was surprised on how incredibly good these taste. I think I like sweet potatoes being salty and crunchy much more than being sweet and soft. Indeed, I will be having these chips again very very soon!

This Trade Joe’s Salad is LIFE. They have a very large selection of pre-made salads at my local TJ. The only reason why I decided to try this one in particular was because it had many ingredientes that I normally wouldn’t add to my salad. To adjust it a little bit to my taste, I added some chicken and took out half of the amount of  the cranberries. I ended up loving it.

I think I will have to stock up on these before the end of the season. This is the second box of the TJ’s Chocolate Mint Flavored Black Tea that I go through in less than a month. I’m drinking a cup of that tea at this precise moment, so I couldn’t help to mention it. Last year I was obsessed with the TJ’s Green Tea Candy Cane flavor.

This is definitely the song of the week, because I’ve been listening to it non-stop. I tend to discover new music everyday thanks to my Shazam app. Every time I’m at some place or listening to the radio and catch a song I like, I’ll Shazzam-it. The app will recognize the name and artist of the song, and will saved it on my timeline. Later on, I’ll look it up on Spotify and voi la!

I discovered this song by Jimmy Eat World trough this Radio Station, which also one of my favorites.

Hope you’re enjoying the rest of your Friday.

What are some of your favorites of this week?




The Secret To Productivity.

Last year I posted my 5 Tips to become more productive. The post was much liked on Facebook so I figured I’d speak more about it here. This time, I’ll talk in a deeper way about one of the tips I mentioned at that time. Today, I cannot stress enough how important this is to be a productive person all day, every day of your life.

“If you’re engaged in a particular task, concentrate yourself on what you’re doing. Don’t pay attention to anything else. Don’t multitask. Put your cellphone or any distractions away. Most likely, you’ll finish your task in less time than normal, and with lower chances of errors. 

This really takes me back to my last year of college, which was the busiest and craziest time of my life so far. Taking 6 to 7 classes, writing a thesis, having a part time job, and being part of the MUN team, didn’t leave me much time for slacking and then catch up. The only way I managed to get things done was by paying attention, and keeping myself concentrated on whatever task I was doing at that particular moment.”

At that time, I described this as the importance to “pay attention” to what you’re doing. Now I’ve been experiencing this as the “importance to be present”. Being present on where you are and what you’re doing is the opposite of being distracted. Being present helps you ground your mind and concentrate better on the tasks you need to accomplish. Therefore, living in the present is the key for paying attention and being a productive individual.

I dare to say this is actually the secret to Productivity and the secret to Happiness as well. How many times have you found yourself doing something and thinking on another more appealing activity you could be doing? How many times have you found yourself thinking on the “what ifs” without acknowledging the other positive things happening in your life?

By distracting our minds of the present, we’re not only numbing our productivity but also contributing to our own unhappiness. I was so surprised when I heard about this on a TED Podcast called Simply Happy (I love to listen TED Radio Shows during long runs). Then I realized how powerful the present is.

I don’t know about you but I get so upset and unhappy when I’m not productive, so this is like a vicious circle to me. Being distracted = Not being productive = Being very unhappy because I wasn’t productive and also got my mind focused on the wrong kind of thoughts.

I know there’s a book called “The power on Now”, which I guess it must talk about something like this, and I’m certainly looking forward to read it.

But, whenever you find yourself struggling with being productive or happy just remember the secret, and that is being present and paying attention to what is going on now.

Are you happier when you have a productive day?

What is your secret to productivity?