My super early run + New running schedule.

Yesterday I made something I never thought it was possible… I woke up at 4:30 am to go for a super duper early run.

I’m changing my schedule at work to come in an hour earlier in the mornings, I also have a commute of one 1 hour 30 min. So that means I need to be running at 5:00 am in the morning.

Like I said before in here, I don’t like going out to run by myself in the dark. You don’t see many runners around at that time of the day where I live either. So, yesterday I just decided to go to the treadmill.


This was the time on my car when I getting to the gym. It was so early I couldn’t even believe it.

My gym’s treadmill (for some reason) slows me down a lot. I feel like I feel like I’m running at a good / familiar level of effort but turns out the pace mark is way slower than what it is when I’m running outside. Does this happens to you too?

Also, my Nike+ app stopped working very well on treadmill runs. So I just opt to guide myself on what the treadmill is telling me.

I finished 4 miles in 47 min which is approximately 11:75 min average pace per mile. This run was definitely worth it because it felt so good. Even though I felt beyond tired when I woke up.

My training plan called for 5 miles yesterday but by the time I finished 4 miles it was already 6:00 am. This meant I needed to go back home to shower and go into my long commute.

I am not going to lie. I spent the rest of my day being extremely tired, and extremely hungry. It was one of those days where your meals seem to skip your stomach, as everything you eat never fills you up. Does this also happens to you too?

I’m sure I’ll be adapting to my new schedule little by little. Moving everything an hour earlier makes my life a little bit easier in all aspects.

At what time of the day do you go out for your runs?

Weekly Recap and Race Announcement!

Hello friends! Happy Monday!

Last week was a great week of running for me. By Monday last week I still wasn’t feeling back at my 100%. Also, a 7 mile run from the previous Saturday let me a very sore knee. So the goal for last week was to take it easy: Running only 3 days, alternating with rest days, and maybe some cross training.

I know I should give more importance to cross training under these circumstances. But nothing else makes me feel like running, so cross training is kind of boring to me. I’m sure many of you will understand.

At the end of the day, my week of training ended up being like this:

Monday: Rest. My training plan calls up for rest days on Mondays. Although I would like to switch it so that I get to have another day of the week as a rest day.

Tuesday: 5 miles. This one felt really hard. My knee was bothering me so I needed to slow down my pace a ton.

Wednesday: Walk with my dog. It was about a 25 minute walk around our neighborhood. We had a great time together.

Thursday: 3 Miles. It don’t know why but I was extremely tired this day.

Friday: Unplanned rest. Unexpected visit to the urgent care for my husband. I had to drive him, so that left me with no time to exercise. Thank God, everything is fine.

Saturday: 5 miles instead of a long run of 8 miles. I needed to cut this run short because I had a very early appointment for my nails 30 mins away from my house. And I don’t like to run before the sunrise by myself. However, this was the first run where I felt back in shape again. I was enjoying it so much that I was sad it needed to come to an end.

Sunday: Off. I really like to take my Sundays off and dedicate time to church, spend time with my husband, clean my house, and prepping everything to start the week.

Overall I think it was a great week of training as I accomplished what I really wanted to do. My goals for this week are:

1. Accomplish the weekly mileage.

2. Dedicate one day to speed work.

3. At least one day for cross training / strength workout.

4. Eat healthy as healthy as I can.

I also wanted to announce that I’ll be running the Tomoka 5K in March! Dad also registered for the full marathon, which means you’ll have a double recap when we finish.

Even though I’m still doing my half-marathon training plan, I am incorporating speed work into my running days. The reason why is because I want a 5K PR, and my strategy is based on increased mileage and speed work. I’m really excited and can’t wait to be at that track.

How was you week of training? 

What’s the next race you’re doing?


My first run of 2018.

Hello friends!

Work has been crazy this week, and the commute time even more. But I’m here to report I had my first run of 2018!!

It happened last Tuesday at 6am in the morning. It also happened on the treadmill because the temperatures have been extremely (and unusually) low. Anything below the 50s and I’m instantly running on a treadmill.

As I commented last week, I took antibiotics until last Tuesday. This made me stop running for a while since antibiotics will make me feel absolutely HORRIBLE when running. This weird effect will last for a week after I finished taking them. So I knew I had to wait.

Tuesday from this week sounded like a good day to go for a run, and so I did. I have not much to say other than it felt extremely hard. I had to run 4.5 miles (according to my training plan) but I only ran 3. This is totally ok, because the next day I had to run 3 so I just switched the days.

However, the effects on my body are always going to be amazing no matter how much my run sucked. The first effect is the runners high I get afterwards. Not even the crazy commute to work will stress me out. The hours at the office will pass by faster and I feel like I’m more productive.

The other amazing effect is my hunger. I feel actual hunger and therefore my food tastes better. Also, my digestion is faster, and after suffering from GERD this is a complete blessing.

To put it in shorter words: I love running so much.

In honor of my first run of 2018, I had pizza for dinner that night. This is my favorite combination to order from Papa Johns: grilled chicken, olives, and onions. If I want to indulge a little bit more, I’ll switch the grilled chicken for breaded chicken. It is heaven.

What are the benefits from running that you enjoy the most?

What are your favorite toppings to put on Pizza?