Underpronation? + Random Pictures From my Cellphone.

Hello friends!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful week. As you might have known from the previous posts, I had to stop my running due to shin splints. No running, or walking or any kind of phial activity on my legs, and it wasn’t until today (6 days later) that pain started to dissipate completely.

I went to the gym and worked out arms, chest, back, core and finished it up with some planks. It was nice, but not that nice/satisfactory like finishing a run.

Last night I watched a video that completely blew my mind.

I completely felt related to the lady in this video. They say that with this type of strike, your foot tries to accomplish certain equilibrium that will cause stress and pain in the inner side of your tibia. And that’s exactly what I feel!

So, I went this morning to check out the sole of my running shoes and realized that the wear patter is on the upper outside wedges (please excuse you’re not seeing a picture of them but they looked kind of gross). Now, the big question pops into my head: Do I underpronate?

If that’s the case then I’m pretty sure I’m not wearing the right shoes, and that will be a reasonable cause of my shin splints. So, in order to take corrective action I will have to get an assessment done. I promise to report back when I get my results.

In other news, I was looking the photos of my cellphone from the last 7 days and I thought it was a good idea to share them. This really evidence my life. Food, exercise

If you ever come to south Florida you have to try Pollo Tropical. In this bowl I had rice, beans, chicken, corn, lettuce, tomatoes and two dressing sauces on the side. You might think is like Chipotle but is not. Pollo Tropical has more Caribbean style.

A Spanish conversation with my Dad that really cracked me up:

Dad: “Why don’t you do aqua jogging?” – Me: “I don’t have any bathing suit.” – Dad: “You can get into the pool with your running clothes but barefoot.” – Me: “I will look like such a crazy lady.”


Can’t go to Ikea without getting their cinnamon buns.

First time in my life not finishing a cupcake. This is the picture to prove it.

Shawarma for the win. That “M” is for “mixture”, because I added chicken and beef at the same time.

Baklava is heaven. In case you haven’t tried it.

The time I spent doing planks the other day because I was desperate to feel that runner’s high.

Do you overpronate/underpronate? How did you realize about it?

What are your plans for this weekend?

Taking Time Off From Running.

I think one of my worst running fears might have come true… getting injured.

It all started when one week ago I went for a six mile run that felt pretty tough on my shins. I didn’t pay too much attention to it. Next day (Monday) I went for a five mile treadmill run that felt even harder on my shins. I had difficulties for walking normally afterwards.

I took a three-day break from running until I came back for another five miles, the pain was really awful afterwards.

I wanted to hit the mileage for my week of training and so I decided to go (with my sore shins and everything) for that six mile run on a Saturday night. Two miles went by and there it was… that stabbing/burning pain on my shins again. The one that made me throw the towel with my half-marathon training.  After many attempts of running and lots of tears I decided to walk back home. For the first time, running made me cry.

Once I was back home I texted my Dad (of course), and started looking for pictures to explain him exactly what I felt and where I felt it. This is the most accurate one I found.

Stress on my shins might be the problem, and I had no idea. I don’t know exactly if I’m injured or what, but after two days of not running (or doing any cross training) I’m still feeling pain.

These are some things I believe it started affecting my shins:

– The Treadmill of my gym: That one specifically. After my first run there I ended up with calf tightness, something I’ve never experienced before and something that could lead to shin issues.

– Not enough sleep: Because I’m a full time graduate student with a part-time job and sometimes my life gets a little crazy.

– Only running three days a week: The approach of my current training plan is putting more miles in less days. I used to run the same amount of miles distributed in more days.

– Not stretching before running: I know. I know. I’ve always felt like stretching cold muscles was something unnatural. Walking for a few minutes was the only thing I did to cool them down.

– Cutting out the leg strength exercises: Because I didn’t want to run on tired legs. So, I focused all my strength on my arms and core.

This is definitely an opportunity to adjust some things on my running habits for better. I don’t plan to stop my training plan so far. I’m only planning to take one week off from running and see how I feel afterwards.



Have you ever suffered from shin splints?

What did you do to treat them?