San Francisco + Visit To Urgent Care.

Hello friends!

First of all I need to thank to apologize for being MIA in the past week. It’s been so crazy lately that I’m glad to finally catch up with my routine again. Last week actually started with me packing to go to San Francisco.
Yup. San Francisco is a beautiful city, even when it’s gloomy and rainy the whole time. The reason for my trip was because I needed to do something really quick there, but since Florida is so far away from California I ended up staying for three days.

I was planning to do my scheduled training in SFL so I packed running gear. My shoes took half of the space of my carry on bag.  But I did not care because in my mind, that training in SFL was happening.

However, this trip showed me that sometimes life is not what we plan for. Remember I’ve been struggling with my stomach health for the past month? Well… last week was seriously the worst. I touched bottom to the point where all I was able to eat was crackers during my stay in SFL.

Yup. Only crackers.

The only thing I felt like eating was a chicken soup, but I was not able to find one near to where I was.   Apparently, clam chowders and chicken tortilla soups are more popular in the west coast. I even went to a Denny’s where they told me they didn’t have any soup that day.

The calorie deficit made me feel very dizzy the entire time. So, I decided to give food a try in the airport on the way back. Scrambled eggs and a whole wheat bagel sounded like something I could eat. I had half of this plate except for the butter and tomatoes. It was nice to feel like I was able to eat again, but I did feel sick for the next four hours. I was too afraid to eat after that.

Once I got back home I was not feeling any better. So I decided to just give up and go to urgent care.
They slightly changed my medication. Now I’m feeling way better and slowly coming back to eat normally again.
I’m finally realizing that I do have to avoid certain foods, alcohol drinks, and coffee (thank God I’m still allowed run). But to be honest, I don’t care anymore about having a restricted diet as long as I’m able to feel good and have my life back to normal again.
Fun Facts:
– I basically packed my running shoes for nothing.
– I ran zero miles last week and without even realizing it, I took a complete week off of my training plan.
Have you ever spent  a trip being completely sick?

Week #2 of Training: When Your Body Ask You To Slow Down.

Happy Monday Friends!!

As I told you guys last week, I’m following a 10-miler training plan before starting a half-marathon plan to run my first 13.1 mile race.

Remember I said last week was a fairly easy week of training? Well, I can’t really feel the same about the second week. The main reason for this was because my gastritis/reflux gave my a hard time.  However, I did manage (somehow) to not skip any run/workout and accomplish another “successful” week of training. Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about that.

This is my recap for week #2.

PS Please excuse that I only took like three pictures this week, I was not in the mood this time.




Easy Run of 4 Miles @12:19 average pace. I took walking breaks after mile two and three.


Cross training / Strength workout. I was not feeling good this day so I decided to take it easy. Even though I only spent one hour at the gym, the light exercise really helped me feel better.


5 miles = one mile warm up + 3 miles @ Lactate Threshold Pace + one mile cool down.

This run started TOUGH but after 2.5 miles I finally woke up and started enjoying it.


Unplanned rest.

I felt completely awful and decided to move the scheduled workout to Sunday.


Easy run 6 miles @ 12:24 average pace, taking walking breaks of one minute every other mile.

This run felt particularly amazing. I love running outdoors.


Cross Training / Strength workout for one hour at the gym.

This wasn’t a good day to workout. I started feeling very dizzy after the first 20 minutes. Thank God they had candy at the gym’s front desk which made me feel ok after a few minutes.

Total Miles: 15. 

Takeaways from this week of training:

  • When I don’t feel good about my stomach I can’t eat/fuel myself as I normally do. When I can’t fuel myself, I can’t exercise properly.
  • Demanding your body to follow a training plan when you don’t feel good is just not fair. This certainly implicates extra effort and stress that you’re only doing by choice.
  • By judging on what happened to me during yesterday’s workout, I might have demanded too much from my body considering how sick I felt this week.

Even though I’m feeling pretty recovered from my stomach, I think I’ll be taking it easy this week. Plus, I’ll be traveling out of town so I don’t really know how my training will come out.

Sometimes I have to remember myself that I’m doing this just because I chose to. Therefore, it is OK to slow down sometimes.

How was your week of training? 

Is it hard for you to slow down when you’re not feeling good?

It doesn’t come that natural to me, but I’ve been improving.


February Playlist.


It’s been a long time since I posted my last music playlist for the month in here. So I wanted to share the one I created for February.

Whoever see this will totally realize that I’m a 90’s Baby, even though not all of these songs are from this decade.

If you could go back to any decade in music, to which one would you go?


How I Started Running With The Galloway Run/Walk Method.

What you’re about to read is the result of my own experience after using this running method for two years. The benefits listed below are subject to my genuine opinion. Always consult your doctor before trying a new exercise or increasing the levels of your current physical activity. 

Whoever knows my story with running will agree on the fact that this sport chased me for 23 years, until I finally became a runner. It wasn’t easy, but when I decided to commit to it my Dad became my running coach. At that time he told me that in order for me to run efficiently, I needed to run for one entire minute and walk for two. I thought that’s not really running, but he told me to trust him and to do it. Later on, I could switch it up for two minutes running and one minute walking.

And that is how I basically started to run. I followed my Dad’s recommendations and not too long after that I was running for five minutes and walking for one. Later on, that ratio increased to one mile running and one minute walking, and so on. By taking these short walking breaks, I was able to attain distances I’ve never imagined I could.

But little did I know about the actual method. 

Dad always mentioned this guy Jeff Galloway and the Run/walk method. I wasn’t really interested on hearing about that. I just wanted to run and therefore I followed his advices and instructions on how to do it. It wasn’t until my  last race that I felt curious about Galloway and the method that basically turned me into the runner that I am today.

I saw a runner in very good shape doing a run/walk technique. I tried to keep up with her pace but I ended up far behind. I was really impressed, how can somebody that was running and walking be faster than somebody who was only running?

Of course I needed to do my research. As I read more and more about it, I realized that the benefits attributed to this method are ones that I have enjoyed myself during my running journey.

And what are those benefits?

If you wish to read more about the Galloway’s Run/Walk Method and it’s scientifically proved benefits, you can check them here and here. Instead, I’m going to talk about the benefits I’ve experienced myself as a runner in the last couple of years which I also think can be beneficial to others as well:

  • Avoiding injuries. By using the run/walk method, I can happily say that I haven’t had any injures in two years and one attempt of half-marathon training (where I pushed for more miles that I should’ve in weekly basis).
  • Checking in with your body. Taking walking breaks will allow you to catch up with your breath and recover your sore muscles. However, these walking breaks will allow you to connect with your body and to acknowledge how are you actually feeling. Once you’re recovered, you get to start that new lap feeling strong.
  • Honoring your body. Running is about having a better and healthier life. Why would you put yourself in risk of getting injured because you’re pushing too hard? By taking walking breaks and allowing yourself to recover, you’re actually having a sense of auto compassion that honors the true capacities of your body. To me, this makes you a better runner and a better individual.
  • Stay motivated. The more you attain, the more motivated you’re going to feel. Because of all the reasons I mentioned above, I’ve been able to accomplish larger distances and faster paces way quicker than I imagined. Seeing the progress is surely my main fuel of motivation.

I don’t really follow the ratios recommended by Galloway anymore because I like to feel like I’m “flying” through each mile. Nowadays, I take walking breaks every mile or every other miles. Not because I’m tired, but because I believe is good for me. I’m still a beginner in this thing of running. I still want to try other methods for races. However, I do believe that Galloway’s Run/Walk method is a smart way of running. Specially if you’re a beginner, and you think you suck at running (as I used to think about myself once).

Run/Walk Method: yay or nay?

How did you start your Running journey?