Recipe for the most nutritious greek yogurt breakfast

Hello friends!

After so many complaints about my running progress yesterday, I do have something positive to talk about today. I can eat greek yogurt again!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you that are new to my blog, I got really sick from my stomach at the beginning of this year. I got diagnosed with GERD and then yogurt and dairy in general was one of those trigger foods that I had to stop eating.

Greek Yogurt in particular was really hard for me. I grew up eating so much of it that I was really missing it after a few months.

It’s been a while since the last time I struggled with GERD symptoms (You can read my healing journey here). Therefore, a week ago I decided to try greek yogurt again. I went for the Siggi’s brand because it’s organic and low in sugar, and it worked completely fine for me.

So now I’m very much into including yogurt in my breakfasts. Even if it’s the most random thing like this one with coffee, and a PB toast.

But my all time favorite breakfast is yogurt and cereal (I like that one even more than cereal and milk). So the other day I decided to recreate it in the most nutritious way. These are the ingredients I came out with:

– One small container of Siggis Yogurt.

– One teaspoon of peanut butter.

– 1/4 cup of oats.

– 1/4 cup of Cheerios.

– A handful of frozen berries. You can also do fresh fruit, I just didn’t have any on hand.

It looks something like this.

Not only tasted amazing but it also was extremely nutritious. The proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbs made me feel really satisfied for longer. Also, this is the perfect breakfast for me to curve sweet cravings in the afternoon.

What is you all time favorite breakfast?

Is there any food that you love but you can’t eat?

Monday in Meals. Rest Day Edition.

Hey friends! Happy Tuesday!

Before diving into this post, I just wanted to share that my fiancé’s house is almost back to normal after Hurricane Irma. Aaaand…we also picked a wedding venue Woho!

Yesterday I was trying to document my day in pictures and I realized all of them were about food. I was still tired from my Sunday run which was only 3 miles (I know, am I even a runner anymore?), So I guess this will be a what I eat in a day: rest day edition.

When I’m not hungry for breakfast, smoothies seem to work really well. I made this one with oats, frozen berries, peanut butter and almond milk.

Lunch was leftovers that still tasted really good. Chicken breast, roasted potatoes and green beans.

At around 4pm I was really craving something sweet so I slowly had this Kashi Bar as I was working. By the way, this flavor is just the best.

I was supposed to cook last night for me and my fiancé. However, there was a huge/horrible accident at Florida’s Turnpike that made me sit in traffic for an extra hour (besides the actual hour of commute). Two hours in the car was not fun, but I’m praying for all of the people involved in the crash.

Given my huge delay, Luke took over the kitchen to make this delicious dinner. Caribbean chicken, sautéed peppers and peas.

And last but not least, dessert. My soon to be mother in law introduced me to this deliciousness. If you like caramel and dark chocolate, please try them. I had 3 of them and wish I had space for more.

What’s your favorite dessert? 

What do you do when you are sitting in traffic? 

– I pray the Lord to give me extra patience.

Rest Days and Recen Eats.

It’s been two days of no running for me after my speed workout. My legs have been feeling SORE.

After that trip to IKEA, I knew a running on Thursday morning was not happening. I needed to rest.  And so I decided to use my rest day that day. I found this image on Instagram and it describes exactly how I felt.

For reasons that I could not control, I had to go to bed a 11 pm last night, which is late for me. I still woke up this morning and attempted to run. Even though I felt less tired, my quads were beyond sore. with every foot strike, I could feel so much pain in my legs. So I just stopped and decided to walk instead.

I walked for 30 minutes which is better than nothing, but I guess I won’t be able to call this week a 6-days of running week. It’s fine, I’ll try again next week.

On the other hand, I’m pretty proud of myself with my healthy eating throughout the week. It’s not that I’m completely unhealthy with my food but usually I’m lazy to cook, and boyfriend is a bad influence because of his infinite love for pizza and french fries.

I don’t like to call any food a bad food, but I can say I’ve been eating more nourishing foods this week. Breakfast for example, have been composed by eggs and toast, or eggs and oats.

I like my oats cold. I don’t do them the night before. I just poor some fruit, almond milk, honey, and that’s my natural version of cereal.

This particular combination of eggs and oats really make me feel fuller for longer.

Lunches have been salads made of spinach, strawberries, balsamic glaze, tuna, and parmesan cheese.

Or the same salad accompanied with a tuna sandwich, no mayo included.

Next goal when it comes to my eating is try to cut down a little bit on sugar. Sugar intake has been high this week and I know that is because I need to eat more protein, healthy fats, and fibers.

Eating proteins is the very hard for me, and that’s why I don’t count macros. Sometimes I’m 20 grams away of hitting my daily goal and all I want is a bowl of cereal, chips, or any other source of simple carbs.

What do you struggle the most when it comes to your eating?

What is your favorite breakfast?

Have you ever used the Sport Legs as a supplement for sore muscles? does it really work?

I’ve been considering to use it for sometime now, but would like to hear some opinions first.



Workouts from Monday and Tuesday And How To Deal with Rejection

After spending so much time believing I wasn’t able to wake up early in the mornings to run, I finally can say I’m managing to revert that. Running in the mornings is EVERYTHING for me to accomplish my daily goals, and therefore I’m really happy about this training schedule.

This week I’m attempting to run 6 times. It’s like a personal challenge of consistency. I promised myself I would only break this promise if I was feeling really fatigued, but not due to lack of discipline.

Monday started out with 5 easy miles. I know there are two factors that contributed to this miracle: 1. going to bed early, of course. 2. Having a hearty dinner. Yup. I’m really bad with dinners. I’ll either get a sandwich or a bowl of cereal. This time around, a big dinner really gave me the energy I needed in the morning.

Sandals sound like the most comfortable thing to wear on my feet, after running in this hot Miami summer.

On Tuesday I wanted to take it easy so I ran three miles in the morning. Then went back home to get some delicious breakfast, eggs, butter toast, and strawberries.

My hunger levels were pretty high throughout the day, but I guess is normal when dealing with higher mileage than what I’m used to by this time of the week.

Besides from my running recap of the last two days, I wanted to take a moment to talk about rejection over here. Nothing happened to me, but I’ve been noticing a lot of it in this online community and wanted to give my brief thoughts about it.

It seems like rejection is quite a thing these days. Bullying, dealing with bad comments from your audience, or simply a truly honest opinion about something can make somebody feel really rejected and adopt an offensive reaction.

Let me tell you something, when you cultivate truly love in your heart there’s nothing/no one that can make you feel rejected. If somebody was bullying in you, don’t give them the power to make you feel rejected. If somebody left you an offensive comment on your blog/social media, understand that they must carry lots of hatred in their hearts. If somebody gave you an honest opinion that you did not like, don’t take it personal it probably doesn’t have to do anything with you.

Empower yourself as an individual and stop attaching your wellbeing to somebody else’s opinions. If this method is not working for you, then it’s time to start try again.

Love yourself.

How’s you week been so far?

What do you do to love yourself everyday?