My Stage of Denial & Random Thoughts.

Hello friends!

Happy Global Running Day!

How are you doing today? I’m doing some research on how to be more energized in the mornings to go out for my runs. In the last few months I’ve come to realize that my evening runs feel WAY much better than my morning runs.  This is a picture of my 3-mile run from last night.

No matter how stressful my day was, I will always accomplish my distance/speed goal during evening trainings. Always. In the mornings though…I feel like it’s 4 times harder. I am in a complete stage of denial that this is how things are supposed to go for me. Training in the evenings is so inconvenient and I need to find a way to turn things around. Any advice?

In other random thoughts, Today I’m doing a caption per picture post. This is what happens when you have random photos on your phone that would like to share on your blog.

Last week I celebrated the National Donut Day by getting a free donut at Krispy Kreme. I’ve said many times that I wasn’t a huge fan of donuts, but after trying a fresh traditional glazed donut with chocolate frosting my life changed. No picture of my donut because I was too busy feeling in heaven while eating it.

I wish I could say we’re having amazing weather in Florida but unfortunately that’s not the case. As the start of the hurricane season (and my birthday month) started. We’re already seeing crazy weather down here

After hearing wonderful things about collagen supplements, I decided to get this one from Great Lakes. I’ve been trying it for a week with my coffee. Not sure if this made me feel a little sick to my stomach, but I’ll report back on this after giving it a few more tries.

These Sour Blueberry candy are incredibly good. They’re also made with super clean ingredients and love how easy they are to chew. Their watermelon flavor is also delicious. I could go trough a bag of these without even realize it.

This is how Sasha watches TV with my boyfriend. Sometimes it amazes me how dogs can behave like people.

How’s your week of running going do far? 



What Happens in Venezuela?

Warning: what you’re about to read is not related to running whatsoever. This is another emotional post about the situation in Venezuela. If you’re interested to know what’s going on in there, please keep reading. 

Hello friends!

Last time I spoke about the situation in Venezuela some of you requested a post explaining more about it. I’ve been working on that for the last two weeks. However, it’s turning out so incredibly long that I’m not sure I’m going to post it all at once. There are so many things to talk about that summarizing all of the information had become a challenge. I still need to figure it out how am I going to do this.

In the mean time, I’ll keep posting and talking about the current situation with the protests. Speaking out loud about this is my small contribution to all of the Venezuelans who are dangerously fighting for a better future.

Last week, a libertarian friend posted this on her Instagram. English translations are below each picture.

God Protects me.

Day 40 of resistance (what they call the protests). Today was the day of the protests at the Supreme Court. The repression was stronger than ever. I was trapped at a time where there was gas tear bombs at both sides from where I was. Still, me and all of the people that was there hold on to it as much as we could.

I found this on the way back. A shield used by these kiddos (young college students who are not afraid of the violence imposed by the national guards during peaceful protest), who have now became men and women due to the gravity of the situation. This broke my soul. The reverse of an improvised shield.

Damn Socialism. To all of those who happily think and talk about my country from the distance I say: no one deserves this.

This really broke my heart.

Venezuelans are living in hell, and not precisely because of the repression the government is putting against the protesters. Life itself is hell for them. Everything that could possibly go wrong with a country is going wrong with Venezuela. Food and medicine scarcity. Violence in the streets. Increasing inflation and poverty. Power shortages. Media censorship. Fraudulent elections. Government corruption. Political prisoners, and huge violations of human rights in general.

The amount of problems that these individuals have to face stopped being something they could avoid on a regular daily basis. These problems affects them even at a personal level. Therefore, Is not like Venezuelans can chose not to protest in the streets and settle down in order to avoid repression and violence. If they don’t protest, they will still live in hell. They don’t have anything to lose.

Liberty is something we have to be grateful for every day. Being able to run out in the streets with our phone and an expensive Garmin without being in danger of getting robbed. Being able to go to the grocery store and buy basic products such as bread, eggs, coffee. Getting sick and being able to find the medicines you need, for more expensive they are. My apologies if I’m offending any of my readers by saying this, but living a decent life is another reason to be grateful for every morning.

To all of my runner readers who might not be used to read these kinds of topics in here, thanks for reading.

If you wish to learn more about the causes of the Venezuelan crisis from the perspective of a real Venezuelan (not the media), please let me know in the comments. I’ll be more than happy to post what I’ve written so far.



The Reason Why I Have Been Absent.

Warning, what you’re about to read is a very emotional non running/food related post.

Hello friends!

It’s been a while since I the last time I posted here. My absence could be explained with two reasons. The end of the semester got me busy. Very busy. There’s not much to say about this more than I’ll be finishing soon and will have more time write posts.

A friend snapped this picture of me I was working on a project for one of my classes. I’m sure I had quite the struggle at this moment.

The  second reason is (once again) the complex situation in my country, Venezuela. To be honest, I do feel guilty about posting my running accomplishments, foods that I’m eating, or any kind of lifestyle related situations. As I’ve mentioned earlier on my Instagram account, Venezuelans are fighting on the streets to have access to food, to have a decent lifestyle, and to be able to walk in the streets without getting robbed.

These are some of the pictures I’ve seen on Social Media.

Because of this, I’ve been feeling like my moral obligation is to remain silence when it comes my blog. I’m surely overcoming my sense of guilt because I decided to post something today. I’ve come to conclude that the fact that I post content in my blog doesn’t mean that I’m distant and that I don’t care about what’s going on.

I was driving yesterday trough Downtown Miami when I saw the Freedom Tower showing the colors of the Venezuelan Flag. I don’t know if they did it on purpose or not, but my heart melted anyways.

That is all.

Thanks for reading and happy running.