Today’s Paleo Breakfast & Favorite Reads.

Today’s breakfast was amazing. I met up with my cousin in this Paleo restaurant because she’s really into all of that healthy eating thing. I had the Protein waffles with my favorite summer fruit combination and lots of sugar-free maple syrup. It looked so pretty I couldn’t resist to take a picture.


I also had a coffee with almond milk and it was delicious. That’s really weird for me to say because I’m not very much into the Paleo diet or that hype of avoiding dairy, sugar and gluten. I tried it in the past but I felt completely miserable (and I’m not even allergic to any of those foods). That is why I make sure to have my coffee with whole milk these days, because it tastes delicious.

In case you didn’t notice, I read a lot. I’m constantly reading random stuff and I don’t even know how I find the time to do it. So I guess sharing some of that stuff in here might turn all of that slacking time  into a more productive task.

Here are the most interesting articles I read today:

  1.  The IRS to Michael Phelps: “You Didn’t Win That.” Have you heard about how much taxes do athletes have to pay for every medal won in the 2016 Olympic Games? It’s crazy, specially for someone like Michael Phelps. It all comes down to a matter of ethics.  You represent your country in this major event. And after training for a lifetime to be the best, you win. Now you have to give something back for all the effort you did. Is this fair to you? If your answer is yes, then is it fair to you that somebody else decides on your behaf?
  2. How Effective is Treadmill Running Compared to Running Outside? I get that question asked A LOT. And to be honest I have no idea. I run in the treadmill most of the times. But I don’t really notice any difference when I run outside, except for the weather conditions. So, I went ahead and looked up this old article that contains an explanation of somebody who really knows. Apparently there is a difference, but I’ guess I’ll be able to evidence it as soon as the Florida summer ends and I hit the roads more often.
  3. Is Terrorism Getting Worst? In the West, Yes. In the World, No.  Even though this article is merely based on statistic and is not really that much biased as I expected, I do think terrorism is something we need to worry about. Even if we’re facing it in lower scales than previous decades. However, the facts exposed by the author are pretty interesting.
  4. You’re Right, I Didn’t Eat That. How much do women sacrifice for staying thin? Not only to achieve happiness for themselves but to obtain men’s approval. This article shows a really sad reality in ladies of our generation. I you’re a woman and you feel related to this, please reconsider if this is the life you wish to have in the best years of your life.

How To Deal With Offensive Messages.

Hello! I had a well deserved rest day yesterday and there’s some anaerobic exercises waiting for me tonight. So, I’m not here today to talk about running but to tell you a little story about racism.


Wait Chapel at Wake Forest University: Martin Luther King Jr. spoke here in October 2, 1962. I took this picture last year on my visit to North Carolina for the Summer Seminar organized by the Institute for Humane Studies.


For those of you who don’t know me very well, I’m hispanic and I come from a country that has all the problems in the world except for racism. Even though people there discriminate depending on people’s social class, it is really hard to see a discrimination act by race. Therefore, discrimination by race is really foreign to me. I know it exist but  I didn’t know what it was because I never experienced it until last week.

I don’t like to call myself a “victim” cause I don’t considerate myself one whatsoever. But the point is that last week a crazy lady on the street verbally attacked me and my friends with a racist message. She came out of her house as we we’re walking on the street, pointing her middle finger at us  and with a mocking voice she yielded:

Hey! Do you know how to speak English?“, (we assumed she asked this because we were speaking in Spanish)

As we answered “yes” being completely confused.

Oh yeah? Well then go back to where you come from!” she replied.

I think she even used the F word, but I honestly don’t remember cause I was in shock. Funniest thing is that I’ve spoke to here in the past. We’ve engaged into full conversations in English. So, definitely she must have some sort of a mental disability.

Anyhow, I do think there’s an important lesson in here. When I tell this story and people ask me how I feel, I can’t say I feel humiliated. Yes, I’m shocked. And no, I don’t want that lady to speak to me ever again. But I don’t feel humiliated.

This whole story just make me rethink about what fairness really is. Is it fair for me to feel humiliated when another person was offensive to me for no reason? Of course not. If she was upset with life and decided to retaliate against us to get even, that’s her problem not ours. That’s her crap, not mine.

Having this perspective of fairness has helped me deal with many offensive people in the past. When you learn how to recognize the crap in other people, you acknowledge that is not fair for you to feel bad for a crap that is not even yours. If you feel bad for it, then you’re recognizing. It means that is somehow true to you, and you’re automatically entitling yourself to it.

So next time somebody throws you their crap, ask yourself if you want to catch it or not.

Today I came across with this quote Murray N. Rothbar (If you like political theory I strongly recommend  you to check him out).

IMG_6909And I could only thought that when you live in a country where everyone is judged equally by the law and everyone has the same rights, not even a stupid offensive message should be a reason for you to feel humiliated or less than somebody else. And even if this wasn’t the case and you live in a country where there’s no rule of law, you should still feel free to stick to your rights and make them worth.

You’re the only one responsible for your own reality, and that’s it.   

I know this might sound really cheesy, but God! Love is so much easier than hatred. Try to love a little bit more and accumulate less crap.

Speaking about love, did you know that today is Elvis Presley’s birthday? I’m going to leave one of his songs here, just because I listened it today and it just made my whole morning. So pretty, I love Love.


Interval Running: My Experience. Tips and Benefits.

Hi there! it’s been three weeks since I’ve been doing interval running on my local track and so far I have to say that they are tougher than any other runs, even the long ones. They also had taught me a different perspective of running, hence I’ll be talking about those in here today!


For those of you who don’t know, Interval running consist on running at different heart-rate capacities during a set of distances. Distances and speeds can vary depending on your level of physical endurance. However, upon my trainer’s advice (Dad) I started with the following one:

– 1 mile w/u

– 200 mt jog + 200 mt sprint @ 80% to 90% capacity X 10.

– 1 mile c/d (which normally ends up in 400 mt because at this point my legs are begging me to stop)

– Stretching session.

Basically my experience with these runs can be summarized into random notes that I like to describe as a “tips and benefits list”. Just keep in mind that this is what works for me and might not necessarily be what works for you. So, here we go:

* My average pace per mile is becoming faster. I noticed a huge difference on my last long 8-mile run, where I ran the 6th mile at 10:06 and an overall average pace of 10:53. This was supposed to be an Easy Run but I ran at my old tempo pace without the effort that used to implicate. Last month I was at 12 min per mile (average pace), so this is pretty big for me.


* I’ve been giving much more importance to adopting a proper running form. Not that I didn’t pay attention to that in the past. But now I’m more concerned on how my feed are lading, the 90 degree angle in my arms, the length of my strides and all of that. YouTube videos has been very helpful. Specially the ones by Sage Canaday from V02Max Productions.

* These interval runs boost my hungry levels to the point where I’m basically always hungry during the next day. So I get mentally prepared that interval runs are equal to a very hungry Nathaly the next day, and a very happy one as well:)


* If you’re looking to loose weight, this might be an amazing cardio workout for you. I’m personally not looking to loose any, so I make sure to listen to my body and basically eat whatever I crave (which is normally a pretty balanced meal + a lot of dessert). But I still feel like I’ve slimmed down a little bit.


This chocolate-chips cookie, tho<3

* Speaking about food, not eating for four hours prior to these interval runs is key for me to not feel sick during the sprints. But coffee however, is always a must-have about an hour before. Oh, and I also double up my water intake that day.


* Stretching afterwards has become even more important than it was before. It really (really) help me release all the tension and pain accumulated in my muscles. That is why I take my time to stretch, and I have to say it feels so damn good.

Overall this must be the toughest training for a runner or at least for me. But the feeling I get afterwards is incomparably rewarding. I now count the days for my next interval training, because the fact that my pace is becoming faster just got me extremely motivated.

How do you feel about interval runs?

What do you do before and after it?


August Playlist.

I must say that music is such an important aspect of my life. Specially when I’m running because it gives me a motivation that makes me feel like I’m flying. Here are my favorite running songs that I’ll be listening throughout the month.


Socialism Is An Idea Of Evil Not Faith.

Disclaimer: This post right here is to communicate how frustrated I feel about socialism and everything related to it. So, in case you’re sensitive to this kind of stuff please scroll it down, or go to the running section of this blog or just don’t read this blog whatsoever.


For those of you who don’t know me, I was born and raised in Venezuela. Even though free markets economy is something that my country has barely known, I always rejected intuitively the ideas from the left. And when I discovered Libertarianism back in the day, I felt instantly related. I became a libertarian and never changed my mind. End of the story.

But the worst part of discovering the ideas of liberty is that when you become more conscious about your rights, the injustices of socialism start affecting you more. It happened to me while living in there and it continues to happen as I read the news about Venezuela every day.

In case you don’t read the news, everything that could possibly go wrong in a country is going amazingly wrong down there. Scarcity of food and medicine, increasing poverty and debt, lack of individual rights and private property, electricity shortages,  and growing levels of violence in the streets are only a few of the problems that Venezuela faces at the moment.

As if that wasn’t enough, the border with Colombia is closed for Venezuelans. So, they’re basically unable to go there and get food or medicines. No wonder why 35,000 Venezuelans walked desperately to the border with that same purpose, when they opened it temporarily last month. Watching those images was painful enough to me, but not as reading this article today.

Nicolas Maduro enabled an executive order of conscripting Venezuelans to do up to 60 days of forced labor on farms, with the aim of producing more food “if circumstances merit”. Let me put this in other words, the government closed every single window that could slightly improve the situation in the country. Instead, they force to implement the less viable and more retrograde option to produce food, bypassing the judgment of the Congress. Just like Glenn Garvin wrote today in the Miami Herald:

“Venezuela resorts to slavery to feed people, the slaves”.

But the best part of this article wasn’t this incredibly accurate quote. It was actually this one:

“Now that Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is finally over, maybe he’ll have time to read the news from Venezuela”

Some people believe that socialism is an idea of faith. Something that starts with good intentions and end up being poorly executed. Well, I’m convinced that socialism is the pure idea of evil. If you don’t think so, then it’s because you haven’t been close enough to it.

That is all.


What Running Feels Like After One Week Off.



So, I’ve been MIA for the last two weeks because I was feeling really sick. I don’t know exactly what it was but I was just feeling with no energy whatsoever. Even carrying my normal routine without running was tough. So I just decided to take the week off from running and it did certainly have a positive effect on me, as I came back fresh and full of energy. But, even though I took a full week off of running I still have some updates I’m sharing today.

1.       New running shoes. 


Remember I was complaining of pain in my legs? Well, I discovered I needed new running shoes. According to my Nike Running App, I ran almost 300 miles with my good old Asics shoes, which is long enough to get new ones. And upon my dad’s recommendation, I decided to get these Brooks Ghost 8.

I didn’t have any idea on how the impact was affecting me until I started running in new shoes. And these guys are not only so comfortable but also so pretty, love these colors. At the beginning I felt so weird on them, but after 1-mile-trial run on Saturday they felt like my shoes.

2.       Longest distance ever. 


Speaking about new shoes, on Sunday I killed it with an 8 mile run. That was my longest run ever and it felt like almost like piece of cake.  My legs were completely free on any pain. But I did hit the wall at mile 6, nothing that a GU gel couldn’t fix though.

3.       New GU gel flavor. 

My favorite GU gel flavor has always been the chocolate outrage. But I’ve gotten many recommendations on the salted caramel one, so I tried it on that long run. The truth is that I couldn’t even feel the flavor. I guess that when I hit the wall I hit it so hard that even something as sweet as a GU gel tastes flavorless in my dehydrated mouth.

4.       Interval running. 

I also started my interval trainings –> 200 mts sprint at a 90% capacity + 200mts ER (which will normally end up in walks) X 10. I’ve only done this twice, one before taking a week off and the other one yesterday. And I can only say that those runnings make me feel really sick. I’m not going to lie, I always have to stop at round 4 because I feel I’m going to faint or vomit, or both in the middle of the track. I guess this is normal, and I really hope I get used to it.

Fundraising Campaign: Marco & Adolfo For a Liberty Cause to Venezuela.

Meet Adolfo Chacón and Marco González. They both work for Liberty in Venezuela.


I met Adolfo in 2013 at one of the summer seminars of Cato Institute for Latin America, held at Dominican Republic. We were both part the small group of Venezuelans who were starting their journey towards defending the ideas of liberty. Nowadays, he has grown professionally to become the coordinator of CEDICE Joven, which is a division of one of the most important think tanks in Latin America (Ironically located at Caracas, Venezuela). Yup, I’m a proud friend.


Marco is also an integrant of CEDICE Joven and Student for Liberty for Latin-America. As a libertarian, he believes that the all intellectual changes that Venezuela needs are possible trough political action. They both have an important work on educating young Venezuelans towards the ideas of liberty.

Today, the community of libertarians at Venezuela has increased ten times in comparison to what it was three years ago. This is the result of pure hard work coming from these people and all leaders from CEDICE. Let me say that this has not achieved though coercive action. Not though any source of violence, but trough knowledge, books, and substantial debates.

Unfortunately, Socialism has been destructing the country at an unstoppable pace. The scarcity of basic resources like food and medicine has forced all Venezuelans to live just exactly as Karl Marx pictured The New Man. The average population keeps becoming poor as the value of bolivars keeps going down. But becoming the Soviet Union/Cuba of this century is not enough, given the fact that problems of gangs and violence in the streets has gone to levels never seen before in Latin America.

In other words, every single aspect related to Venezuela has become a catastrophe. That is all.


Ironically, this devastation started with a bunch of people who was disappointed of a big government. Of course, they decided that the right solution was to bet for a bigger government, where a model of central planning called socialism of 21st century was going to be implemented. A nasty version of pure scientific socialism.

Duh! how come we never though about this before? Was exactly what the Latin-American Idiot thought.

Hence why is super important to keep defending the ideas of Liberty. Venezuela is not only a country that needs to be saved out of this misery, but is also the perfect example of what not to do when trying to get better results out of a government. An example that all U.S. democrat voters should take into account before even considering social democracy as a way to go.

Now, back to Adolfo and Marco. I started this post mentioning them because they were recently awarded with a scholarship for taking a summer program at Fundación Para el Progreso in Chile, (which is another very important Think Tank in Latin America). This is not only the perfect opportunity for them as leaders to bring back some quality knowledge to Venezuela, but also to speak up about what’s really going on in there.

Even though this scholarship is for the program itself, it does not cover any transportation expenses. Therefore, they started this fundraising campaign in order to afford the plane tickers to Chile.

When they kindly asked me to post this link on my blog, of course I was not going to say no.

So I’m going to leave the it here in case you’d like to donate. And in case you can’t donate but still want to help, spread the word and share it on your Social Media so that more people can see it. They’ll be beyond grateful.

Think about it. You’d be making a small contribution to liberty with just one click.

Thank you so much for reading!

Novedades del Blog: Por qué ahora escribo en Inglés

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset


Si eres un lector recurrente de este Blog, seguramente estarás muy extrañado porque este espacio ya no es lo que solías conocer. Los artículos ahora están en inglés y además, ya no escribo tanto de libertarianismo como antes.

Bueno, no me extraña que te sientas extrado/a. Fueron dos años los que dediqué a defender las ideas de libertad en este espacio. Ha sido mucho lo que he tenido que leer y analizar para poder escribir todo lo que publiqué. Disfruté mucho el proceso, pero poco a poco me empecé a dar cuenta de que hay muchas otras cosas más que me apasionan, y de las cuales también me gustaría escribir.

Después de todo, eso es lo más valioso de la libertad. Ser libre para tomar la acción de reconocer algo y tomar una decisión coherente a ello.

Sin embargo, el proceso de decisión fue largo. No sabía cómo empezar a subir contenido nuevo en el blog. Todo lo que pasaba por mi cabeza era: Que alguien me explique, ¿cómo rayos voy a escribir de todo lo que quiera si este blog ha sido solo de libertarianismo por dos años?

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Bueno, comencé por cambiar el nombre de Perspectiva de Libertad a NathyCure (mi apodo del colegio) y un día, de repente, sólo comencé a postear, sin pensarlo mucho. Por lo que con este post, pretendo responder a las preguntas que surgen como resultado de este cambio:

¿Por qué ahora escribo en Inglés?

La razón por la cual ahora escribo en Inglés es muy simple. Desde el 2015 la mayoría del tráfico de este blog viene de Estados Unidos. Además, han sido muchas las personas que me han pedido que posteara en Inglés, y como es más probable que una persona de habla hispana sea capaz de leer un artículo en Inglés que al contrario, pues decidí cambiar el idioma.

¿Qué pasará con los artículos en español?

Aún planeo seguir escribiendo en español, porque: 1. Hay temas que les interesarán más a la audiencia de habla hispana. 2. Hay cosas que simplemente necesito expresar en español, como buena latina.

Tampoco he planeado deseachar mis post viejos que tantas horas de sueño me han costado. Todos estarán disponibles en la sección The Spanish Archive, por si te interesa indagar en el pasado.

Y… ¿Qué pasará con el libertarianismo en este blog?

Tampoco dejaré de escribir sobre libertad. El hecho de que ahora lea otro tipo de libros y esté entrenando para medio maratón, no desplazará a Hayek, Mises, Rand, Rothbard, Hoppe y al resto de los autores que cambiaron mi vida.

Lo que quizás haga que este blog sea uno de los más dispersos que puedas encontrar, but you know what? La espontaneidad también puede ser cool. Tan cool, que Hayek explicó los procesos sociales a través de ella. LOL.

De vuelta a la seriedad, ahora mismo trabajo en un artículo sobre libertad que tengo previsto publicar pronto. Pero si hay algún tema de discusión que quieras traer a la mesa, no dudes en enviarme un tweet o dejar un comentario en Facebook.







Book Review: The Bingo Theory

The Bingo Theory

I need to make a little confession before I start talking about this book. I didn’t purchase it because of the title but because of the author. Mimi Ikonn has been one of my favorite YouTubers since I started watching Youtube videos. I’ve been following her and her husband around the amazing content they create, including their Luxy Hair channel. Perhaps, they might be the reason why I got inspired to write about some other stuff in this blog.

They are also the reason why I changed my mind regarding self-help and empowerment books. I used to hate them and thought they were completely useless. My perception was that in order for you to face life adversities and be successful, you just needed to become tougher. Well, I later realized I was absolutely wrong. Mimi and Alex proved it to me when they started sharing their personal struggles from the past and the books that helped them achieve their dreams and be genuinely happy people. I was going through tough times, so I surprisingly got interested. Nowadays, my perception has changed completely.

When Mimi announced the release of her book called The Bingo Theory, I knew I had to get it. I was looking for something new to read, something related to real life stuff yet easy to digest before sleep. So I went ahead and bought it before even checking what was about.

I got the kindle version because I couldn’t wait one day for the book to be shipped. Three days and one book later, I can say two things about The Bingo Theory. Number one: I loved it, and I’m not really surprised about this. Number two: This book helped me to get to know myself better, and I’m beyond surprised about this.

I haven’t read many books about empowerment, but I know the majority of them will usually give you a solution to be better off at some aspect of your life. This solution will be standard and applicable to each one of the readers. However, each reader has an individual list of personal traits. Therefore, each solution might not work as well for everyone.

The Bingo Theory explains after extensive research that all humans have two types of energy, the feminine one and the masculine one. It also helps to identify what kind of dominant energy you have. Whether you are a female strength individual or a male strength one, through this book you will get to know yourself better and increase your level of acceptance.

The purpose of this book is that you can balance both feminine and masculine energy, in order to become a Bingo. For this reason, she includes a list of recommendations you can follow according to the dominant energy you posses, to balance your non-dominant energy with the dominant one. By doing this, you’ll be able to improve many aspects of your life.

My personal experience with this book is that the similarities I’ve found were beyond impressive. Not only about myself but also about many people I know. It also helped me understand the dynamics of my relationships and career goals, and what I can do to improve them.

What I actually love the most about this book is that the tools provided to empower yourself, are very simple, realistic, and down to earth. There isn’t a complex process of thinking you have to go through with the aim of seeing results. Nevertheless, being more conscious of your personality and the activities you have to start working on; will instantly transform your reality for better.

I will continue to work on what I learned over here. In the mean time, I’ll recommend this book to everyone I can, including you guys. I wish this book was translated to Spanish though, so that I could recommend it to even more people☺.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. No affiliated links used. The featured product was purchased by the writer. All brands and products mentioned are at writer’s discretion.