The Reason Why I Have Been Absent.

Warning, what you’re about to read is a very emotional non running/food related post.

Hello friends!

It’s been a while since I the last time I posted here. My absence could be explained with two reasons. The end of the semester got me busy. Very busy. There’s not much to say about this more than I’ll be finishing soon and will have more time write posts.

A friend snapped this picture of me I was working on a project for one of my classes. I’m sure I had quite the struggle at this moment.

The  second reason is (once again) the complex situation in my country, Venezuela. To be honest, I do feel guilty about posting my running accomplishments, foods that I’m eating, or any kind of lifestyle related situations. As I’ve mentioned earlier on my Instagram account, Venezuelans are fighting on the streets to have access to food, to have a decent lifestyle, and to be able to walk in the streets without getting robbed.

These are some of the pictures I’ve seen on Social Media.

Because of this, I’ve been feeling like my moral obligation is to remain silence when it comes my blog. I’m surely overcoming my sense of guilt because I decided to post something today. I’ve come to conclude that the fact that I post content in my blog doesn’t mean that I’m distant and that I don’t care about what’s going on.

I was driving yesterday trough Downtown Miami when I saw the Freedom Tower showing the colors of the Venezuelan Flag. I don’t know if they did it on purpose or not, but my heart melted anyways.

That is all.

Thanks for reading and happy running.







San Francisco in Pictures.

I’ve always pictured San Francisco as a very sunny city. Like the intro we used to watch on Full House, with the spectacular view of Golden Gate Bridge from an helicopter…you know. Little did I know about the weather forecast for the three days I was spending there.

I still though San Francisco is a beautiful city and of course need to go back there in the Summer!




San Francisco + Visit To Urgent Care.

Hello friends!

First of all I need to thank to apologize for being MIA in the past week. It’s been so crazy lately that I’m glad to finally catch up with my routine again. Last week actually started with me packing to go to San Francisco.
Yup. San Francisco is a beautiful city, even when it’s gloomy and rainy the whole time. The reason for my trip was because I needed to do something really quick there, but since Florida is so far away from California I ended up staying for three days.

I was planning to do my scheduled training in SFL so I packed running gear. My shoes took half of the space of my carry on bag.  But I did not care because in my mind, that training in SFL was happening.

However, this trip showed me that sometimes life is not what we plan for. Remember I’ve been struggling with my stomach health for the past month? Well… last week was seriously the worst. I touched bottom to the point where all I was able to eat was crackers during my stay in SFL.

Yup. Only crackers.

The only thing I felt like eating was a chicken soup, but I was not able to find one near to where I was.   Apparently, clam chowders and chicken tortilla soups are more popular in the west coast. I even went to a Denny’s where they told me they didn’t have any soup that day.

The calorie deficit made me feel very dizzy the entire time. So, I decided to give food a try in the airport on the way back. Scrambled eggs and a whole wheat bagel sounded like something I could eat. I had half of this plate except for the butter and tomatoes. It was nice to feel like I was able to eat again, but I did feel sick for the next four hours. I was too afraid to eat after that.

Once I got back home I was not feeling any better. So I decided to just give up and go to urgent care.
They slightly changed my medication. Now I’m feeling way better and slowly coming back to eat normally again.
I’m finally realizing that I do have to avoid certain foods, alcohol drinks, and coffee (thank God I’m still allowed run). But to be honest, I don’t care anymore about having a restricted diet as long as I’m able to feel good and have my life back to normal again.
Fun Facts:
– I basically packed my running shoes for nothing.
– I ran zero miles last week and without even realizing it, I took a complete week off of my training plan.
Have you ever spent  a trip being completely sick?

Friday Favorites.

Hello friends!
First of all, thank you so much for your nice and positive comments on my health update post. Even though I’m not at my 100% normal stage, I’ve been feeling way better now and really hope it keeps going that way. My runs/workouts have been practically inexistent this week, but I’m SO ready to squeeze in some miles during the weekend.
Now, on to nice stuff… It’s Friday and that means today I’m sharing my favorites of the week!
1. Favorite Quote. I found it walking around Wynwood Walls last night. There are all kinds of quotes painted on the sidewalks. I loved this one in particular.

Always keep your heart filled with love for yourself and others. Suddenly, you’ll start to notice love everywhere around you.
2. Favorite Video. Did you know Running hasn’t always been considered a sport? Did you know treadmills were invented as systems for punishment in jails? I discovered this video that blew my mind and I think every runner should watch. Who would’ve though our beloved hobby was a considered a torture back in the day?

3. Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen. They were giving away free skincare consultations at my local Sephora the other day. I was recommended to wear this sunscreen, which I felt really skeptical about. I’m extremely picky with face sunscreens because my skin can get very oily (and sometimes breakout) by wearing them.

I got sample because I was not ready to commit without fist trying it out. Well, so far I’m loving it. It feels so light on my skin and my makeup last as usual. Besides it is very affordable for an SPF 50 that Sephora sells. This is always a plus to me.

4. Favorite Running song. 

This song from Ed Sheran is very good. I predict this will sound one million times a day on the radio to the point where I don’t like it anymore. But I will love it while it last.

5. NYX Lip Pencil in Mauve. 

This one is actually not a new favorite. It’s been months since I’ve been absolutely LOVING these NYX lip pencils because you can apply it all over your lips, and you’ll basically get a super pretty and affordable lipstick. My favorite shape is Mauve, and it looks like this in the picture. I’m about to purchase another one, that’s how much I love it.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that your long run (if any) goes amazingly!
What’s your current favorite running song?
Wear any face sunscreen for going out to run? Which one?

Holiday Weekend (part 1) + The Pursuit of Happiness.

Hello! And Happy Thanksgiving.

I came to Texas to spend the holidays with some of my family. I’ve had a blast.


Yesterday was an amazing day. It started with 3.2 miles at 58 degrees. That’s way too cold for a South Florida Runner.


Came back home to eat homemade croissants.


Went out to the city.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

And then my phone died. It wouldn’t turn on anymore so I spent a good 16 hours without my phone. I don’t know how I survived, lol. Luckily the geniuses from the Genious Bar were able to fix it quick.

I’ve been thinking about happiness a lot lately. What is it about it that we all pursuing it?

Have you ever though on what do you need to be happy? Probably the answer to that is having a successful career, meeting the right person, having that handbag you’ve always wished, being pregnant, having kids, and so on.

Goals. Even though they are different for every individual, they are certainly what defines happiness for many of them. Is it your happiness attached to your goals? Think about it.

Sometimes we put so many expectations on happiness, than we end up loosing our lives on the pursue of it. The truth is that the moment to be happy is now, with whatever you have and whatever you’re lacking.

I wish I could say my life is perfect, but is not. As the rest of the individuals of this crazy world, my life is full of imperfections. However, I’ve learned the hard way to see happiness as a choice instead of a goal.

By being conscious of that,  we let go of the huge control we want to have over every single aspect of our lives and we just start mastering the art of happiness.

This doesn’t mean you would settle down with whatever you have without pursuing any goal. This means that you’ll be happy even if things don’t come out as you planned.

Have you ever tried to make the genuine choice of being happy?

If you haven’t, then remember: the moment to be happy is now.

Thursday Thoughts: Waiting for Hurricane Matthew.

Hello everyone! How are you doing today? I’m stuck at home with no school and work.

In a regular normal situation I’ll be so happy because that would mean a lot of free time for going to run. However, I’m here waiting for hurricane Matthew to pass by.


This situation makes me realize how much of an hyperactive person I am. I seriously can’t be at my house without doing anything. And the fact that I’m here right now doing absolutely nothing, makes me want to go for a run even more.

Dear Matthew: Please make your visit fast and smooth.

At least I get the chance to write in here while killing my non-running anxiety.


My day yesterday consisted in a light hurricane prep. Even though I wasn’t really alarmed, I did want to get some water, non perishable goods, and some gas in my car. Because that’s what people recommends you to do when hurricanes are coming.

I stopped by the supermarket to get bottled water and found empty shelves. I went to two gas stations to get gas and all pumps were closed. At the end of the day, and after making lines of few minutes I managed to get all I needed for the hurricane prep. But I gotta say this experience was some sort of a bitter deja vu. I fell back home for a second.

Don’t get me wrong. The scarcity in Venezuela is juts the result of evil socialism. The very light scarcity of water and gas I witnessed yesterday was only the result of an over demand due to hurricane conditions. I really can’t compare both situations because they’re completely different. However, nervous people shopping around me was the thing that really brought me back home.

And then I realized how uncertainty can affect the behavior of human beings in a way that you can see similar effect in two completely different environments. I guess the sense of survival is something we all regular human beings have, no matter your ethnicity, race, or culture.

This can only make me question one thing: is there such thing as a relative truth? What is bad for one individual can be good for another one? I’m a huge believer that there’s an absolute truth, but I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

Wow, I guess this is what happens when you give me free that I can only use writing. I start rambling too much.

Have you ever been in a hurricane before? How was your experience?