How to wake up early to exercise.

I wrote this articule for an online writing program I’m currently taking. If you notice a little bit of a more formal voice in my writing this time around, this is why. I still did not want to waste the content. So I really hope you find this helpful;)


Waking up early to exercise before work or school can be even harder than working out itself. Believe me, I used to be one of those people running in the park or the gym very late in the day (and many of you already know that). However, with time I’ve managed to master this to the point where I still wake up early during my time off from running or exercising. 


People often think that it’s easier for those who already do it and that is true. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t hard for them when they started. So, how did they master this? The key relies on discipline.

There are no more simple words to describe discipline other than to say is really hard. I know that’s something nobody wants to hear. Ironically, admitting this simple fact can make things easier for you. That is why today I wanted to share some simple tips to master your discipline for waking up early to exercise.

How bad do you want it?

Waking up early to exercise will mean sacrifices. This is when you have to ask yourself: how bad do you want it? If you really desire to be in charge of what your mind wants, then you’ll sacrifice whatever you have to in order to achieve your goal.

This is the difference between what your mind wants and what your impulses want. Your mind has goals and knows what has to be done in order to achieve them. On the other hand, your impulses are the ones that press the snooze button in the morning to sleep that extra hour. Therefore, the way to have to have a mind-over-impulse power is to ask yourself this question.

Prepare your clothes.

Every minute counts, that is why preparing your clothes the night before can help you a ton. Think about it this way, waking up early is the first hardest thing to do. Getting out the door is the second hardest thing to do. If you reduce your time span from when you get out of bed to when you’re out the door by having your clothes ready, the chances of succeeding are higher.

Make your life easy. Go to bed early.

Nobody wants to wake up early after just a few hours of sleep. If this a huge change in your life, try to give yourself as many hours of sleep as you need in order to feel refreshed early in the morning. However, this process only starts the night before. Think on how many hours of sleep will be good for you, subtract those hours to the time you need to wake up, and you’ll know at what time you need to go to bed.

Going to bed early also takes a little bit of will power. Try to arrange your day schedule so that your can go to bed at this time. And this also includes watching that TV show that you like a little bit earlier.

Waking up early to exercise is hard but not impossible. Always remember to ask yourself how bad do you want it. Also, never let your impulses win over your goals. Finally, take a few extra steps ahead by preparing your clothes and going to bed early. All of this elements together will certainly make your life easier in the morning, and will help you achieve those goals that you’ve been wanting so bad for so long. Good luck!

What is your top advice for getting your workout / run in early in the morning?



    • Nathaly Abrahan

      That is a great way to keep you accountable! My husband has to go into work very early in the morning so I would normally wake up with him, or he would literally get me out of bed so that I go for my run. Cheers to them:)

  1. I think you nailed the most important points, both based on planning. You have to start the night before (go to be earlier) in order to make it happen in the morning. Putting your clothes out is also super important so you can just grab your stuff and go! A morning run is such a habit for me now that I don’t consider it hard, and I actually miss it!

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