A reality check: Running.

Dad really spoiled Sasha (our dog) during the time he was visiting. Every time he went out for a run he took her out for a walk / warm-up which will make her entire day. Now that she’s completely used to her morning walks, she will go to the front door and lay down with those puppy eyes in her face.

I hate taking time off from running only because I know it will be so hard to get my routine back. Waking up early is hard. Putting your running clothes and be out the door is hard. Running is hard. But the payoff is completely amazing.

Since I will be making my “comeback” to run in a few days, I gotta make sure I remind this reality fact to myself every single second. I know after a week everything will be a hundred times easier.

On the other hand, I’m feeling a little bit enthusiastic as I’m be able to train in base now. They have a pretty good track and a fitness center that is better than my paid gym. Also,  I think it will be safe for me to run in there by myself before the sunrise.

Is there anything you have to remind yourself after taking time off from running?

Do you have any dogs / pets? Any funny story about them?


  1. Coming back sucks. I just remind myself that it will take some time to build back up to where I was before but it doesn’t mean I’ll never get there.
    I’m jealous you’ll get to run on the base and not have to worry about the dark. I’m always on high alert once the sun goes down on runs. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly with the first run post antibiotics!

    • Nathaly Abrahan

      That’s a great reminder. Will make sure to also remind myself that.

      I’m so afraid of running by myself in the dark that I just simply don’t do it. Unless I don’t get out of my complex but that can get very boring sometimes. Keeping my fingers crossed too!!

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