Happy New Year!

Happy new year friends!

My blog was down a little bit just to a crazy amount of spam comments in my post. Don’t know what happened and I’m still working to get rid of all of them.

As far as running goes, I’m still following my Hal Hingdon half marathon training plan for beginners. I haven’t been able to run since new years eve because I got a pretty annoying chest cold.

I went to the doctors office and they were concerned about having a beginning stage of pneumonia. They put me on antibiotics and cleared me out to run by tomorrow. Antibiotics suck when it comes to running. They literally knock me out. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Dad adviced to continue the plan where I left it, and not doing what I always do which is basically repeat the last week of training where I left it.

I’m preparing myself mentally for next week. The training plan is getting completely out of my comfort zone.

3 to 4 miles is my happy and comfortable distance for easy runs. Next week, easy runs will be of 5 miles. Last time I tried that distance for easy runs I got a horrible hamstring pain. In fact, running 5 miles multiple times a week seems to be that part of my training plan where I start having small injuries and then everything starts to fail.

I have bitter memories from the past but I’m trying to stay positive.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I got married just before Christmas. I will have a post talking all about it coming at you tomorrow.

Thanks for reading:)




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