Was my body really designed to run?

Hello friends, happy Monday!

Positiveness is not what’s abounding for me during this start of the week. Not with my running. I figured that maybe writing about it would make me feel better, so that’s what I’m doing today.

I started running almost three years ago after becoming obsessed with CrossFit. Before that, I really believed running wasn’t my thing. And when I mean “it wasn’t my thing” I mean that I firmly believed my running mechanics was wrong.

During high school I was one of the slowest ones from my class. I could not hold a decent pace which it made me feel extremely discouraged. I remember we had to do an annual test which was basically running 800m repeats. Ugh, that was the worst for me.

Ironically, I grew up with a Dad who runs marathons. So even though I felt extremely discouraged by running, deep down I wanted to be better at it. I dreamed for a long time to adopt it as a lifestyle and running races and all of that.

And so I did, but it wasn’t that easy. Like I said, it all started with CrossFit. I was in a very active stage in my life, and one of my friend told me about it. I went to a test class and ended up signing up for it.

A few months later I discovered I could run 2 miles with no walking breaks. Then I left CrossFit and started  exclusively running. Three years later I’ve fallen in love with running adopted it as a lifestyle, and ran several races. But there’s still one problem, I still believe there’s something wrong with my running.

After almost three years running, I haven’t became faster. I can’t run more than 20 miles a week because I feel like I’m at the edge of an injury, and then I have to stop running for several weeks. When I say I feel at the edge of an injury, I mean it is hard for me to run, walk, and sometimes sleep because of the pain.

The first time it happened was with shin splints. I shifted to stability shoes a few months ago and now the pain is happening on the side of my hamstrings.

I don’t know if the methods/training programs I’ve been using to build up my running are not the right ones for me. I’m not even sure that I understand my needs as a runner. What I do know is that I’m pretty frustrated. After having this three-year journey with running, I’m back to question myself if my body was designed to run.

I still have running goals that I don’t want to give up on, and honestly at this point I have no idea how am I going to accomplish them.

What do you do when you feel like you’re not good at something you really like? I keep doing it because I love it, and also because I’m stubborn.

What are three of your goals for this week?


  1. I often feel the same about running – I find myself getting injured when I’m getting better/faster! It’s so frustrating. I keep doing it, too, but I try to take it easier on myself/not do it for the competitive aspect.

    My biggest goal for this week is to eat exactly what I plan to eat (no mindless snacking)!!

    Have a great Monday, Nathaly!

    • Nathaly Abrahan

      Running is definitely a sports of patience. I’m very competitive and it is so hard not to be like that on something I like so much. But I also know I have to slow down and take it easy.

      I’m sure you’re going to ROCK your weekly goals ;).

      Enjoy the rest of your Monday, Marina!

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