September Recap and My Runs Lately.

Happy Monday friends!!

I came across this picture a few days ago a I believe it couldn’t be more accurate.

I can’t believe is October by now. September has been a month that transformed my life. Once me and my fiancé got engaged our priorities completely changed. I’ve even forgotten a little bit about my half marathon goals for the end of this year/beginning of next.

However, wedding plans have been a little slow over here since my fiancé has been a little sick after the hurricane. That included a nighttime visit at the ER which was no fun at all. However, I can’t wait to start planning our wedding.

Yesterday I went to my favorite Italian restaurant with my roommate who is also my maid of honor. We used to go to that place every weekend just a year ago. As I was drinking my coffee and eating my cannolies, I realized how much our lives have changed in a matter of one year. We felt a little bit nostalgic and promised that we’ll go back to that place (our place) even after the wedding.

In other news, this is how running had looked like for the past few weeks down in Florida.

Hurricane Irma left lots of fallen fences and trees around our neighbirhoods. Something really basic such as watching my steps has been key during my post-hurricane runs.

Also, Running has been all over the place lately. I have been running more for fun than for the sake of following a training plan. I need to start a training plan soon.

However, within the process of choosing a training plan, I also need to readjust my hours of running. My ideal morning time to run is 6:00 am but the sunrise is not until 7:00 am. By that time, I need to start getting ready for work.

Late afternoon runs are not as easy as they used to be. By 7:00 pm I just want to have dinner and go to bed. Any advice in  this?

Was September also a huge month for you?

Did you have a nice dessert/treat during the weekend?


  1. Congrats on the engagement! I run in the afternoon after work and I make myself change right away and head out. If I sit down it takes me much longer to get out to run and my motivation plummets so I just try to change quickly.

    • Nathaly Abrahan

      Thank you Maureen!

      I know. That’s what I used to do. I wouldn’t even go home, I would change at the gym and head the treadmill as fast as I could. Now it’s easier to do that in the mornings rather than the afternoons.

  2. I struggle with late afternoon runs/workouts too – I try to get them done early in the day so I don’t skip them! But I agree – now that the sun is rising later it makes things harder. Could you do some treadmill runs?

    I did have a few too many desserts/treats this weekend… My favorite was a lemon ginger scone that my friend baked 🙂

    Hope you have a great start to your week, Nathaly!

    • Nathaly Abrahan

      Thanks Marina!

      Treadmill runs are possible only if I go to the gym. I have to drive to the gym and then shower there so that I can be ready for work on time. I might have to consider doing that until the daylight saving time changes, then the sunrise will be at 6:00 am.

      Those desserts sound really delicious! Hope you have a great start of the week too, Marina!:)

  3. Wish I had some advice for you on the running time of day. I really dislike it being dark until 7am around here! I pretty much have to get my run done early in the morning, before work, or I just don’t have any interest in doing it later. I’ve got the luxury of having a treadmill in my basement, so it works out well for me. I really do miss those early morning summer runs though!
    A trip to the ER does not sound good! Hope your fiance is feeling all better now.

    • Nathaly Abrahan

      Thank you Lisa:) He is feeling better but still needs to follow up with some doctor consultations very soon. I’m praying that everything will comes out ok.

      Now that I work a 9 to 5 is EXTREMELY hard to get my run done in the afternoons. Before, evening runs were way easier than morning runs. I’m seriously considering getting a treadmill to have at home and run when it’s too dark/too hot. I had one at my parents and there was no chance I skipped at workout ever.

      I’m also waiting for the daylight saving time, because then the sunrise will be at 6am and I won’t be scared to be running in the dark on my own.

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