Running Update.

Last week was a crazy week. Sometimes it amazes me how a full time job can take so much of your time and energy. Well…that was me last week.

Before I start rambling about that, I wanted to catch up on my recent running goals. Remember a couple of weeks back when I was attempting to run 6 times a week? Well, I gotta say I could only handle 4 days of running. That was a little over 18 miles in total for the week. My body was not happy with that mileage. This is the highest weekly mileage I’ve ran in the entire year, so I guess skipping that process of gradually building up the miles made me feel drained really quickly.

Surprisingly, pushing myself a little bit hard that week paid off in a positive way. After that incredibly hard speed workout at the track, I started noticing that running faster was becoming more familiar/less difficult to my body. From now on, track workouts are a MUST in my training.

But because of that, my hamstrings were in extreme pain by the following week. Dad had a hamstring injury and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to go through that ever. So by Tuesday of last week, I decided to take the rest of the week off and let them recover.

Today, my hamstrings are a little bit sore. I can feel them when I go up thought the stairs. But I’m guessing I’ll be good to run by tomorrow morning.

Now, you might be wondering why I challenged myself to run 6 times a week if extreme fatigue could be the result. Well… because I still have one goal to accomplish this year, and that’s to run a half marathon.

I really wanted to try the beginners’ Half Marathon Training plan from Hansons. However, that plan calls for 6 days of running and very high mileage. They actually recommend that plan for runners who have 3o miles a week under their belt.

Honestly, if 6 days of running and 18 miles per week is currently too much on my body, then starting that training plan will be another journey to injury land and non completed training plans for me.

If what I really want is to run a half-marathon race by 2018, then the right thing to do is going for one of those plans with 3-4 running days a week. Something with low mileage and lower chances of injuries.

The part that I don’t like is training without a time goal and the “some of substance” runs. That’s something I really loved about the Hansons plan. But maybe I will be able to pursue that next year.

How do you pick your training plans?

How many times a week do you run/exercise?




  1. I’m sorry your hamstring has been bothering you, I hope it gets better! I;m sure you;ll be able to do the Hanson’s plan as long as you build up to it.

    Currently, I run 4 times a week. Last week, I added in some body weight exercises that I will do twice a week with one full rest day for me. You could try a running coach! That’s how I got back into running and I love having one.

    Have a great day 🙂

    • Nathaly Abrahan

      Thank you Maureen! I actually have not considered having a running coach since I have my Dad who answers all of my running questions. But probably I will consider that in the near future. Thanks for the advice! Hope you have a great day too:)

  2. Oh no – I hope your hamstring gets better soon! Definitely don’t push yourself too hard until it gets better.

    I exercise six times a week, but I vary what I do for every workout. Some days I do the elliptical, some days yoga, some days bike, and some days pilates, etc. I’ll be getting back into running again soon, too 🙂

    • Nathaly Abrahan

      You definitely rock it on your weeks of exercise Marina :). I really hope you get back to running really soon!

  3. Well boo on the hamstrings!!! I feel your pain. (no really, I do!) 6 days a week is too much running for me. I’d like to run 5 days a week, but right now I can only pull off 3 days a week. Running has it’s ups and downs, and right now I need to ride out the “down”.
    I like to pick my plan based on if the plan is written in “miles” or “minutes”. Sounds silly, but I need to have a solid “miles” on my agenda, instead of just “go for a 40 min run”. I know it’s easy to translate, but I don’t care for it!
    If you are looking for a plan, I recommend looking at “Train like a Mother”. I know you’re not a Mom, but working full time also takes up a ton of time just like being a Mom. Their plans are easy to follow and allow you some breaks if you need them. (their book) or their website:

    • Nathaly Abrahan

      Thank you so much Lisa! I will definitely take a look on this book. I’ve been also looking a lot on the Hal Higdon plans that you mentioned on your blog the other day. The Novice 1 seems very appropriate too. I really hope the plan you picked is suiting you well. Hope you have a great day:)!

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