Hello friends!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend.

Mine was pretty fun. Boyfriend and I decided to try a local coal fired pizza place, and it turned out to be amazing. Prosciutto, pineapple, and half of it with bacon for him. I think I’m starting to love all things with pineapple! Do you like pizza with pineapple too?

Next morning I left pretty early to attempt a long run. I normally will run around a loop of 0.8 miles. After finishing the first one, I just realized my Nike Run Club app did this.

After 10 minutes running, It only recorded 0.08 miles. I don’t know why my app sometimes has those tech glitches. This really makes me want to roll my eyes to the app.

I also saw a dead snake on my run that day. A DEAD SNAKE. That’s like the most terrifying thing to me. I think I should update my list of running fears, and add snakes. You know, like having a list of running fears and keeping it updated was extremely helpful, haha. I wish I had taken a picture of it but I got SO SCARED that I just sprinted and left the place.

Another thing that wasn’t working quite well that day was my legs. They felt extremely tired to the point I felt like I was really forcing myself. Decided to stop at 3.3 miles.

And thank God I did it. The next things that followed that day included lots of walking around Walmart. By 7:30 p.m. Boyfriend and I watched the Orlando’s soccer game while Sasha pretended to be a lap dog.

On Sunday, I work up early again to go for a run but my legs were still pretty tired. And since I’m running a race today, I decided to just rest. Resting is also part of a runner’s training.

The next of my Sunday involved going to church, and then meeting some of my boyfriend’s friends at their house for a barbecue.

My meal was followed by two portions of dessert. To me, there’s nothing wrong with that except for the fact that I started feeling quite nauseous after all. I need to do something about my sugar intake.

On another note, today is race day! I’m running 5K tonight. So far, my legs are feeling way rested but my knee is feeling kind of funny. Hopefully it turns out to be a great race.

Do you like Pineapple on your pizza? What are your favorite toppings?

What was your highlight of the weekend?

What’s your worst running fear?

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