Hello friends!

Hope you’re having an amazing start of the weekend.

I’ve been back on track with my training this week, which was extremely needed after registering for a race coming up next Monday. Even though it’s only going to be a 5K, I don’t want to feel like I’m undertrained. So I’ve basically been doing lots of easy miles, because I know that will give me (hopefully) some speed for the race.

That thing of registering for a race in order to stick with your training program is no joke. Even though I’ve experienced this in the past, I think I need to stick to it more often so that I can fix this year’s lack of training for once and for all.

But another thing that got me even more happy than being back to to my regular training, is being back to run in the mornings. Say what?

I’ve been struggling with doing my runs in the morning for MONTHS. And somehow, I’ve mastered to wake up early and go for my run before 7am for two days in a row. That’s pretty impressive considering that one week ago I could not wake up early to save my life.

There are a few things I did different this time around. I even invented my own system to be able to wake up and go running. Once I prove it’s sustainability, I might share it in here.

On another note, I’ve been really inspired to eat healthy lately.

It’s been quite some time since I don’t feel any symptoms of acid reflux. My digestion is 10 times better, and I can definitely feel that on my runs. I feel like I have more energy because my body is absorbing better the nutrients. And I guess that really gave me extra inspiration to be more conscious about my nutrition.

Madeline from Madeline Moves has also really inspired me in this. Even though I had a very bad experience counting macros in the past, she makes it seem so easy, convenient, and beneficial.

I went ahead and decided to give it another try. But I did recalculate my macros basing myself on a formula given by Brooks Running. My totals were 101 grams of protein, 112 carbs, and 70 fat. And 25 extra grams of carbs to replace for every 100 calories burned on a run.

These macros are lower than the ones I was working with last year (and that seemed impossible for me to hit everyday). Carbs and fats are pretty easy to hit this time around, but protein is the one I’m struggling with. I know there must be a way to incorporate it more into my diet without going against my intuitive eating. I’m certainly reporting back about this soon.

In the mean time, I’m enjoying delicious foods such as my oatmeal pancakes.

And my zucchini lasagnas with roasted carrots.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Do you count macros?

Do you run in the mornings?

What’s your plan for the weekend?




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