1. I get up at 5:20am or 5:30 most week day mornings. Maybe I should just text you to get you out of bed? haha 😉 I think it’s more a matter of getting used to going to be earlier at night. Maybe that would help you?
    I haven’t seen a shark just swimming around while scuba diving, but we did see several in a penned in area along with stingrays. Scuba diving is really cool but it still takes me a while to feel comfortable after I go under water. I tend to get claustrophobic and have panic attacks. If I descend really slow I get deal with it a lot better.

    • Nathaly Abrahan

      That would be so helpful!! I did manage to wake up early for my run the day after this post. Not as early as I would like, but at least I had enough time to do a 3-mile run. I loved snorkeling but I’m not sure I’m ready to do scuba diving yet. I’m a little afraid of being too deep in the sea. But I get what you’re saying with feeling claustrophobic. I kinda felt like that with my mask and not being able to breath though my noise.

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