The Reason Why I Have Been Absent.

Warning, what you’re about to read is a very emotional non running/food related post.

Hello friends!

It’s been a while since I the last time I posted here. My absence could be explained with two reasons. The end of the semester got me busy. Very busy. There’s not much to say about this more than I’ll be finishing soon and will have more time write posts.

A friend snapped this picture of me I was working on a project for one of my classes. I’m sure I had quite the struggle at this moment.

TheĀ  second reason is (once again) the complex situation in my country, Venezuela. To be honest, I do feel guilty about posting my running accomplishments, foods that I’m eating, or any kind of lifestyle related situations. As I’ve mentioned earlier on my Instagram account, Venezuelans are fighting on the streets to have access to food, to have a decent lifestyle, and to be able to walk in the streets without getting robbed.

These are some of the pictures I’ve seen on Social Media.

Because of this, I’ve been feeling like my moral obligation is to remain silence when it comes my blog. I’m surely overcoming my sense of guilt because I decided to post something today. I’ve come to conclude that the fact that I post content in my blog doesn’t mean that I’m distant and that I don’t care about what’s going on.

I was driving yesterday trough Downtown Miami when I saw the Freedom Tower showing the colors of the Venezuelan Flag. I don’t know if they did it on purpose or not, but my heart melted anyways.

That is all.

Thanks for reading and happy running.








  1. Good luck with the remainder of your semester. The end can always be so tough! Try to finish strong and focus!

    Also, I’m not very well educated on what all is happening in your home country. Maybe you can use your blog as a chance to educate others. However, you choose to do so whether it be just updates at the end of blogs or an entire page dedicated to it, like this one. Might be something you can try. Sorry if that is insensitive. Like I said I’m not at all educated on this topic.

    • Nathaly Abrahan

      Not at all Desiree! Thank you so much for your idea which I’ll be taking into consideration. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  2. Ditto for me – I didn’t know much about what was going on in Venezuela, so I do appreciate the education on it. I honestly cannot even imagine what it would be like to be there right now. So scary, and unfair! It makes me reflect on what a privileged life I lead. It would be very tough to be in your situation – I completely understand that.

    • Nathaly Abrahan

      Thank you Lisa! I really appreciate your words. I will definitely work on a post explaining more about it. Just like you just said, I also acknowledge the privileges I have in my life and feel very grateful everyday because of that.

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