My Running Fears And Friday Favorites.

Hello friends!

As I told you a few days ago, I’m following the Run Eat Repeat’s Run Camp in which every day we do/learn something different to become better runners. Today, we need to overcome our running fears. Running fears? Really? At the beginning I though I don’t have any fears, but thinking more about it I realize I do have a few.

One of them is pretty silly and the other one should not represent the end of the world. But anyways, I though I could talk about them here because I’m supposed to write them down and talk about them with someone.

My first running fear is to have an encounter with an alligator while I’m running. I know. I know. This sounds really random and very unlikely to happen. However, I live in Florida so it is common to see alligators crossing the street like nothing is going on. This happened just a few miles away from my school.

Once I heard this story about a runner who was attacked by an alligator when she was running around a lake. I totally freaked out after that. Conclusion for Floridian runners like me: Never run around water. In case you have an encounter, run in zig zag. Apparently, alligators are not able to run in zig zag. 

My second running fear is to get injured and therefore not being able to run for months. Have you ever had something you like so much that you get afraid of loosing it? Well, that is basically my case. If you read my post from yesterday you could understand how afraid I am of this.

Running is my dose of relaxation and happiness. It is also my time for nothing else but myself. I don’t know what I’ll do without it. Besides, I care about my body and I don’t want to hurt myself/get injured. Conclusion for hypochondriac runners like me: Injuries are common in runners and that is something we can’t control, so you gotta deal with it. However, something you can control are the chances of getting injured. Take care of your body, stretch, slow down when you feel like you need to, do whatever you have to do to prevent injuries.

Ok. That was really a catharsis. I think I’m doing a good job overcoming my running fears. Now I need to talk about nice stuff –> Here are my Friday Favorites of this week:

1. Power Crunch Bars. I’m not really into counting macros or analyzing every single ingredient in food labels. I don’t know if these are the “cleanest” out there. I eat them because they fill me up when I’m really hungry and is not time to eat yet. Plus they taste delicious which is not common in protein bars.

2. TJ’s Greek Yogurt in Coconut Cream flavor. I’ve tried all of their flavors. This is just the best.

3. A Runner friend recommended me to wear compression sleeves for recovery. I never though about it but it feels so good and relieving. Specially on my tight calf, which is not tight anymore but just sore.

Do you have any running fears?
Are you into protein bars? Which one is your favorite?
What do you think about compression gear? When do you consider it’s best to wear it? 
Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hahaha I have never thought about coming across a gator during a run! That’s such a Miami thing! In Fort Lauderdale I just come across beach mice (they are HUGE and I don’t want to come into a close encounter with them either haha)!

    I never believed in compression socks until I got tight calves. The compression makes them feel so much better! I wear them as often as possible now!!

    I love those crunch bars too 🙂 The pb flavor is my favorite!

    • Nathaly Abrahan

      Oh my God! I’d die if I come across a beach mice. I think I’ll reach my PR at that moment because of how FAST I’ll run.
      I started using compressions just one month ago and I have to say it feels so good. I don’t think I’ll stop using them in the near future:)

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