Sunday Run And New Running Goals!

Hey guys!

Hope your week had started pretty well. Last time I wrote here I was pretty disappointed on how bad my run turned out. Well, I decided to go for a second try yesterday and it was just amazing. As you see in the picture below, the wind was crazy.

The temperatures in South Florida are finally going down (yay!). Yesterday it was around 50 degrees, which I think is just the perfect temperature for running. I went out yesterday in shorts and people asked me “hey! aren’t you cold?”. People here in Miami are very sensitive to cold temperatures. 51 degrees and we already think is winter! However, my legs don’t get cold very easily.

 3.20 mile done. I could’ve had gone for more but I had some house chores I needed to get done before the start of the week.

In other news, I decided to participate in the Run Eat Repeat’s Run Camp because my only 2017 running resolution is to run faster and farther. This is a 21 day challenge to run Faster, Stronger and Better. Just exactly what I need.

Our task for today is to enlist my goals.

Last year I started to train for a half marathon, but because I was just starting with running that was an unrealistic goal to me. I still don’t know If I’m making realistic goals or not, but I decided this time that in the next 21 days I want to:

1. Run 8 miles again. It’s been a long time since I don’t pass the 6.25 miles.

2. Speed up my pace to one minute less per mile. That means, speed up from 11:50 to 10:50 per mile.

Number one will be more easy to attain than number 2. I see a lot of track workouts and tempo runs coming in my way!

Any running goals in the short-term? 
How was your running this weekend?