The Secret To Productivity.

Last year I posted my 5 Tips to become more productive. The post was much liked on Facebook so I figured I’d speak more about it here. This time, I’ll talk in a deeper way about one of the tips I mentioned at that time. Today, I cannot stress enough how important this is to be a productive person all day, every day of your life.

“If you’re engaged in a particular task, concentrate yourself on what you’re doing. Don’t pay attention to anything else. Don’t multitask. Put your cellphone or any distractions away. Most likely, you’ll finish your task in less time than normal, and with lower chances of errors. 

This really takes me back to my last year of college, which was the busiest and craziest time of my life so far. Taking 6 to 7 classes, writing a thesis, having a part time job, and being part of the MUN team, didn’t leave me much time for slacking and then catch up. The only way I managed to get things done was by paying attention, and keeping myself concentrated on whatever task I was doing at that particular moment.”

At that time, I described this as the importance to “pay attention” to what you’re doing. Now I’ve been experiencing this as the “importance to be present”. Being present on where you are and what you’re doing is the opposite of being distracted. Being present helps you ground your mind and concentrate better on the tasks you need to accomplish. Therefore, living in the present is the key for paying attention and being a productive individual.

I dare to say this is actually the secret to Productivity and the secret to Happiness as well. How many times have you found yourself doing something and thinking on another more appealing activity you could be doing? How many times have you found yourself thinking on the “what ifs” without acknowledging the other positive things happening in your life?

By distracting our minds of the present, we’re not only numbing our productivity but also contributing to our own unhappiness. I was so surprised when I heard about this on a TED Podcast called Simply Happy (I love to listen TED Radio Shows during long runs). Then I realized how powerful the present is.

I don’t know about you but I get so upset and unhappy when I’m not productive, so this is like a vicious circle to me. Being distracted = Not being productive = Being very unhappy because I wasn’t productive and also got my mind focused on the wrong kind of thoughts.

I know there’s a book called “The power on Now”, which I guess it must talk about something like this, and I’m certainly looking forward to read it.

But, whenever you find yourself struggling with being productive or happy just remember the secret, and that is being present and paying attention to what is going on now.

Are you happier when you have a productive day?

What is your secret to productivity?






  1. One of the reasons I am a morning runner is because it sets up my day to be productive. It’s like making my bed – a task I can cross off my list right away. In my job as technical staff, I get a lot of requests at the same time which can get overwhelming. I do spent a lot of time writing down tasks so I don’t forget. Too many things bouncing around in my head!!

    • Nathaly Abrahan

      I love to run in the morning because of that same reason!

      I also work a lot with to-do lists. I basically create the list, assign priorities, execute, and then review the list again.

      Hope you keep doing great at your job Lisa!

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