Running Update.

Last week was a crazy week. Sometimes it amazes me how a full time job can take so much of your time and energy. Well…that was me last week.

Before I start rambling about that, I wanted to catch up on my recent running goals. Remember a couple of weeks back when I was attempting to run 6 times a week? Well, I gotta say I could only handle 4 days of running. That was a little over 18 miles in total for the week. My body was not happy with that mileage. This is the highest weekly mileage I’ve ran in the entire year, so I guess skipping that process of gradually building up the miles made me feel drained really quickly.

Surprisingly, pushing myself a little bit hard that week paid off in a positive way. After that incredibly hard speed workout at the track, I started noticing that running faster was becoming more familiar/less difficult to my body. From now on, track workouts are a MUST in my training.

But because of that, my hamstrings were in extreme pain by the following week. Dad had a hamstring injury and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to go through that ever. So by Tuesday of last week, I decided to take the rest of the week off and let them recover.

Today, my hamstrings are a little bit sore. I can feel them when I go up thought the stairs. But I’m guessing I’ll be good to run by tomorrow morning.

Now, you might be wondering why I challenged myself to run 6 times a week if extreme fatigue could be the result. Well… because I still have one goal to accomplish this year, and that’s to run a half marathon.

I really wanted to try the beginners’ Half Marathon Training plan from Hansons. However, that plan calls for 6 days of running and very high mileage. They actually recommend that plan for runners who have 3o miles a week under their belt.

Honestly, if 6 days of running and 18 miles per week is currently too much on my body, then starting that training plan will be another journey to injury land and non completed training plans for me.

If what I really want is to run a half-marathon race by 2018, then the right thing to do is going for one of those plans with 3-4 running days a week. Something with low mileage and lower chances of injuries.

The part that I don’t like is training without a time goal and the “some of substance” runs. That’s something I really loved about the Hansons plan. But maybe I will be able to pursue that next year.

How do you pick your training plans?

How many times a week do you run/exercise?



Rest Days and Recen Eats.

It’s been two days of no running for me after my speed workout. My legs have been feeling SORE.

After that trip to IKEA, I knew a running on Thursday morning was not happening. I needed to rest.  And so I decided to use my rest day that day. I found this image on Instagram and it describes exactly how I felt.

For reasons that I could not control, I had to go to bed a 11 pm last night, which is late for me. I still woke up this morning and attempted to run. Even though I felt less tired, my quads were beyond sore. with every foot strike, I could feel so much pain in my legs. So I just stopped and decided to walk instead.

I walked for 30 minutes which is better than nothing, but I guess I won’t be able to call this week a 6-days of running week. It’s fine, I’ll try again next week.

On the other hand, I’m pretty proud of myself with my healthy eating throughout the week. It’s not that I’m completely unhealthy with my food but usually I’m lazy to cook, and boyfriend is a bad influence because of his infinite love for pizza and french fries.

I don’t like to call any food a bad food, but I can say I’ve been eating more nourishing foods this week. Breakfast for example, have been composed by eggs and toast, or eggs and oats.

I like my oats cold. I don’t do them the night before. I just poor some fruit, almond milk, honey, and that’s my natural version of cereal.

This particular combination of eggs and oats really make me feel fuller for longer.

Lunches have been salads made of spinach, strawberries, balsamic glaze, tuna, and parmesan cheese.

Or the same salad accompanied with a tuna sandwich, no mayo included.

Next goal when it comes to my eating is try to cut down a little bit on sugar. Sugar intake has been high this week and I know that is because I need to eat more protein, healthy fats, and fibers.

Eating proteins is the very hard for me, and that’s why I don’t count macros. Sometimes I’m 20 grams away of hitting my daily goal and all I want is a bowl of cereal, chips, or any other source of simple carbs.

What do you struggle the most when it comes to your eating?

What is your favorite breakfast?

Have you ever used the Sport Legs as a supplement for sore muscles? does it really work?

I’ve been considering to use it for sometime now, but would like to hear some opinions first.



Speed Workout And How Running Strengthens my Self-Acceptance.

Yesterday was speed day. One of the hardest trainings in running (at least for me), at least to me. I have to be honest, on Tuesday night I was very skeptical about this run. Last time I did it was probably 7 or 8 months ago and my legs were extremely sore.

I told myself I was going to try until the end to accomplish this workout, and guess what, the workout happened even with all these adversities.

I was pretty proud of myself when I got to the track at 06:04 am. It’s a 20 minute drive from home, so I had to wake up extremely early.

Without loosing much time, I started to warm up right away. The run consisted in one mile of warm up, 200 mts of speed + 200 mts of recovery X 12, and one mile of cool down. Five miles in total.

I was pretty surprised to see that I was holding a pace of 8 minutes on the speed intervals. That is FAST for me. I still don’t know if I was going too fast…but definitely at a very high level of effort.

Once I finish the 12 intervals, a mile of cool down sounded impossible for my legs. I still tried to do it for 0.8 miles and then decided to call it a run. That was 4.8 miles in total, and these righ here were my splits including speed and recovery intervals.

When Dad gave me the instructions for this run, he was pretty specific that I needed to eat something right after the workout. Meaning that I should not wait until I got home to eat. So I brought this plant-based protein bar that I’m LOVING.

Dad was right, eating right after the run made my legs feel recovered faster. However, I wasn’t that hungry for breakfast so I only had a couple of eggs with strawberries.

After work, I had to take my cousin to IKEA for her to do some shopping. But our sugar levels were low, so we headed Menchie’s to fix that.

Then we went to IKEA, and my feet were pretty swollen. This is very normal in me, specially when I’ve been on high levels of physical activity.

Throughout my experience with running I’ve come to realize something: People look me before races or at the track and think I’m a very experienced runner. Whenever I get to a place full of runners, they’ll give me that look of respect.

I don’t know why they do it. Sometimes I think it’s because of the fact that I don’t run with friends, and going to run by myself makes me look extremely committed. Some other times I think it’s because I’m skinny and my legs are very toned. The truth is that I’m a very slow runner with no experience in long distance races. The truth is that the way I look is not necessarily related to my running.

I’ve also notice that this look of respect sometimes goes away when they pass me at the track or at the race, which I think it’s completely funny.

What really started to affect my competitive side was the fact that I am slow runner and can’t seem to keep up with no one at the track. However, I know that if I let those feelings dig too much into myself I can end up quitting and that’s the last thing I want.

Therefore, I’ve come to the conclusion that in order for me to accomplish my running goals, I need to accept myself with my strengths and my weaknesses. Just the way I am. I know this might sound cliche, but isn’t it empowering to tell yourself out loud “I love and accept myself just the way I am?”

This is just another lesson I’ve come to learn through running.

What do you do everyday to love and accept yourself more?


Workouts from Monday and Tuesday And How To Deal with Rejection

After spending so much time believing I wasn’t able to wake up early in the mornings to run, I finally can say I’m managing to revert that. Running in the mornings is EVERYTHING for me to accomplish my daily goals, and therefore I’m really happy about this training schedule.

This week I’m attempting to run 6 times. It’s like a personal challenge of consistency. I promised myself I would only break this promise if I was feeling really fatigued, but not due to lack of discipline.

Monday started out with 5 easy miles. I know there are two factors that contributed to this miracle: 1. going to bed early, of course. 2. Having a hearty dinner. Yup. I’m really bad with dinners. I’ll either get a sandwich or a bowl of cereal. This time around, a big dinner really gave me the energy I needed in the morning.

Sandals sound like the most comfortable thing to wear on my feet, after running in this hot Miami summer.

On Tuesday I wanted to take it easy so I ran three miles in the morning. Then went back home to get some delicious breakfast, eggs, butter toast, and strawberries.

My hunger levels were pretty high throughout the day, but I guess is normal when dealing with higher mileage than what I’m used to by this time of the week.

Besides from my running recap of the last two days, I wanted to take a moment to talk about rejection over here. Nothing happened to me, but I’ve been noticing a lot of it in this online community and wanted to give my brief thoughts about it.

It seems like rejection is quite a thing these days. Bullying, dealing with bad comments from your audience, or simply a truly honest opinion about something can make somebody feel really rejected and adopt an offensive reaction.

Let me tell you something, when you cultivate truly love in your heart there’s nothing/no one that can make you feel rejected. If somebody was bullying in you, don’t give them the power to make you feel rejected. If somebody left you an offensive comment on your blog/social media, understand that they must carry lots of hatred in their hearts. If somebody gave you an honest opinion that you did not like, don’t take it personal it probably doesn’t have to do anything with you.

Empower yourself as an individual and stop attaching your wellbeing to somebody else’s opinions. If this method is not working for you, then it’s time to start try again.

Love yourself.

How’s you week been so far?

What do you do to love yourself everyday?