Hamstring Injury?

Hello friends!

I’ve been intentionally MIA because I’m not happy to talk about the fact that I’m crashing in this training cycle. After a week of extreme fatigue, I think I might have a small injury on my left hamstring. Ouch.

I’ve been feeling it for a while but didn’t pay much attention to it. I manage to run 4 miles yesterday with lots of difficulty. And after a session of foam rolling last night, I could definitely feel it.

It’s a specific point on the muscle. When I push over it, I feel this deep stabbing pain. Not fun. Maybe something is wrong with the muscle. Luke says it can be the nerve. I just want it to heal fast as I’m only a month away from my race.

Maybe my body was telling me something through my fatigue until the injury finally popped up. Or maybe I should’ve listened better to my body before going to run so tired. I don’t think I run that much or that fast to get injured so easily. So I bet there’s something I must be doing wrong.

It’s also extremely disappointing to face another issue like this on another training cycle. Is it possible to complete a training plan like a normal runner?

My plan for this next few days are resting, using KT tapes, and stop complaining. I’m going to attempt my next run next Saturday and see how that goes.

Any tips for hamstring recovery?

A Very Disappointing Week of Training.

Hello friends!

Last week wasn’t really a good week of training. I don’t know why I felt so drained and fatigued, to the point where I only managed to complete 3 short runs, and all three of them completely SUCKED. I am going through LOTS of stress right now for so many reasons and that’s not really helping my training at all.

I know that when I’m feeling like this, I need to give myself some days to rest. Even a week off would not make me loose all of the hard work accomplished. In fact, I feel stronger when I come back. So that’s basically what I decided to do for myself.

My training days looked something like this:

– Tuesday: Cross Training + Strength.

– Wednesday: 2.22 miles at 12:21 average pace.

– Thursday: 5 miles at 12:51 average pace.

– Sunday: 1 mile in 9:32 minutes.

After Thursday I knew I needed to take some days off. But on Sunday Luke basically made me go for a run. He told me I was really going to hate myself if I didn’t run in the weekend. He was right. So I went for a single mile and then I walked our dog. Honestly, it was better than nothing.

My goals for this week is to really get back on track with my training. My next race is almost a month away and I really want to make this a good one.

What do you do when you go through a lot of stress during a training cycle?




I’m Exhausted + Spring Wish List

Hello Friends! Happy Friday!

I don’t know about you guys but I feel like this week passed by FLYING. Can’t believe tomorrow is long run day again. I’ve started to feel exhausted and a little drained in this training cycle. So let’s see how that goes tomorrow for me.

I have not much to report from yesterday except for the fact that I ran the hardest 5 miles ever at a incredibly slow pace. I’m telling you…my body is just not feeling it.


Because this week passed by so fast, I really don’t have much Friday Favorites to share with you. Instead, I would like to show you my spring wish list for clothes.

I’ve been very much into renewing my closet lately. Overall, my style is very classic and I pretty much only use neutral colors. I would LOVE to adopt a more feminine look but it can honestly be a struggle sometimes.

I have some picks that I’ve been dreaming about and that I would like to share with you today.

  1. These jeans are basically everything. The right color, the right length, the right wholes, and a pretty affordable price. They are extremely easy to combine, and can style basically any look. Plus, they are extremely affordable!
  2. This blouse is just a dream for me. I tent to dress in neutral colors a lot. It’s what usually makes me feel comfortable. So it’s really nice to find something very feminine in white.
  3. This Jacket I got it for my best friend on christmas a year ago, and I’ve always loved it. I’m also very much into leather jackers, so this may be the right sign that I should just get it;). Btw, hers is still intact. It’s always good to know about the quality.
  4. These shoes are something I could literally wear everyday to work. My problem with this is that I tend to destroy shoes quickly by using them. That’s why I think that it is worth to invest a little extra money on shoes, at least for me.
  5. This handbag is something I’ve been wanting for years now. I never bought it because it was too expensive for college life. Then last year Luke got me my current MK cross body hand bag that I wear every single day – Because I’m too lazy to be switching purses. So it might be also the right time to just go for it!

How would you describe your style?

How have you been feeling with your running lately?

Valentine’s Day Recap.

Hello friends! Happy Thursday!┬áHope you’ve had a great Valentine’s Day.

What happened yesterday at the Marjorie Stoneman Douglass High School here in FL was pretty concerning, sad, and disturbing. I’m praying for all the victims and their families.


Yesterday I woke up 4:00 am like usual and was not in the mood at all to go running. I knew I needed to force myself to do it so I headed the gym against my will. Went straight to the treadmill and after one mile my body was not feeling it.

I had the not-so-great idea of doing speed repeats instead of running 5 easy miles. After mile two and four repeats I started having the worst cramp on my right shin.

If you’ve been around this blog long enough you’d know that I got very bad shin splints last year. That bitter memory made me not finish my run. And on top of that I named it “my crappy run” on Insta Stories yesterday.

I don’t know if my mileage last week was too much on my body. Or if I need to eat more calories. Or if I really need to stop eating ice cream for dessert every night. I really don’t know. But what I do know is that every training cycle is also a learning process. And I’m learning everyday something new about my body.

In the middle of my disappointment I got back home and found my dog sleeping in the couch. I sat down and pet her for a while. She’s so sweet and always makes me feel better.

The day passed by at work and I was certainly not in a very good mood as I was driving my way back home. It took me 1 hour and 36 minutes of my life to do my afternoon comute. That’s the time it takes me to do my longest run so far. I seriously don’t understand Miami traffic. The fact that a make a major effort to be off from work an hour earlier everyday and then it takes me so long to get back home seriously aggravates me.

But then I got back home and found this. It took me 0.01 seconds for my mood to change. It sure is incredible how flowers can make you so happy.

Due to technical difficulties we changed last night’s menu from steak to grilled chicken. I mean who doesn’t like grilled chicken?

I wanted some salad and Luke requested some french fries which also sounded really good to me.

Then we sat down to eat dinner and watched two episodes of Black Mirror.

How was your Valentine’s day?

What do you do when you’re having a very crappy run?